Bookmaker Sportsbook

✘ Bookmaker is not recommended. Join Bovada instead

Bookmaker Sportsbook has been around since the 1990s. Their main site at the dot com address ( was seized by the US Department of Justice and they now trade at

We have lost all respect for Bookmaker and, based on our personal business experience with this Costa Rica based outfit, we can no longer vouch for their integrity.

They are one of the largest sportsbooks that serve the USA betting market. Unfortunately their management style lacks professionalism and while they, by and large, do an acceptable job for their betting customers, they have a very poor attitude on a business level. We have had personal problems with This is a company that does not build bridges, instead it prefers to burn them.

We are not the only sportsbook review site that has had issues with Bookmaker Sportsbook and that refuses to give them a positive review because the trust has gone. We are not the only ones left incredulous by their rude and aggressive approach to problem solving. We were once affiliated with but this is a company that will change the rules after the game has started. They act with no regard to good ethics.

The Bookmaker management can never have read Dale Carnegie's 'How To Win Friends And Influence People.' There is no company that needs to take its advice more. Because there are choices in the USA betting market, we strongly advise that you avoid this untrustworthy sportsbook and instead join the superb Bovada.

Bovada is better than Bookmaker