✘ Sportsbook must be avoided. Go to Bovada instead has become untrustworthy, having lied to its partners. It even announced it was no longer accepting Americans as a deliberate attempt to hoodwink people. That is very odd behavior. We prefer to stick with firms that tell the truth, and you should too.

There are also numerous reports of them delaying payouts to its players for months or finding feeble excuses not to pay at all. The customer service, especially in the cashier's department, is reported to be abysmal. There are even reports of staff hanging up the phone on players! This is shocking and not typical of a good online betting company. So is not recommended at all.

If you think we hold a grudge or are exaggerating what an awful company it is then simply go your search engine of choice and search ' scam.' It is possible some of the thousands of allegations are unfair, but a good firm, such as the ones we do rate on this site, barely attracts a single complaint. In addition, Sportsbook has lied to and cheated this site on a business level.

They were not always this problematic. Historically, it was one of the first online betting companies when it started out in 1997. It is solely USA focused. It does not accept clients from any other countries. It has over three million US players on its books but that number is shrinking as its bad reputation spreads. As well as covering betting markets and events on all American sports and horseracing, it also has online casino and poker offerings. It has managed to ruin its own name with poor service, so steer well clear of until we state otherwise.

Bovada is better than Sportsbook
Recommended: Bovada Sportsbook for USA betting