Opinion of BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS was once a sportsbook that did a good job for the US market. However over the last few years it has attracted a ton of bad publicity from its players.

This is not us having a gripe just because of our personal grievance with them. You only need to use a search engine and enter something like 'BetUS Scam' and read the stories to see that this is not a firm you need to take a chance with.

You might say, well this is the internet. Everyone is rude about every firm. However the betting operators that we do recommend on this website do not attract such abysmal independent complaints.

People do snipe at the best firms, in gambling as with any other sphere. When the negative press reaches tidal wave proportions, you have to think at least some of it holds water (if you get the pun).

In fact if only one percent of what has been written about BetUS is true then they ought to be avoided, especially when there are alternative options that get good publicity, such as the firms we list below.

So, in our humble opinion, these online sports betting companies are a much better option than BetUS Sportsbook:

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BetUS Sportsbook Review

✘ We no longer recommend Bet US
Bovada is a better sportsbook for Americans

BetUS have provided an online sportsbook since the turn of the century and now provide poker and casino action too. They have grown to a substantial size but flaws have emerged that suggest big is not always beautiful.

The customer service has a bad reputation. In an ideal world there should be the wonderful reassurance of knowing that whoever you talk to will actually listen to what you have to say. That does not happen at Bet US. If you want someone to empathize with any problems that you are experiencing, tough luck. If you are looking for customer services to explain anything that previously appeared incomprehensible then you may be let down by this particular USA focused online betting company.

Although there may be a toll free customer service phone line available at any time of day or night, you may be unable to find anyone who is willing to understand your problem and solve it. There is the potential nightmare of encountering unhelpful, evasive people who provide anything but good service. Allegations of obstructive customer service are rife.

They may use a carefully chosen vocabulary to imply the provision of customer service but they are not really focused on serving the player at all. It is claimed online that, in some cases, BetUS have endlessly found excuses for failing to pay out on winning wagers.

In short, there have been far too many issues with payouts to detail here. If you use a search engine to check on this, and have a weekend or two to spend reading the allegations of individual cases, you will understand why it is no longer a site that we can recommend. Few other American serving websites have ever garnered such poor publicity.

It is so much easier to deposit money with Bet US than to withdraw it. The devil is in the detail and there are many examples of customers being stalled for weeks with no sensible explanation being provided to explain payout delays. There have also been refusals to payout, confiscation of bonuses and even some mentions on the web of bouncing checks. The customer service ratings have understandably plummeted on the back of these well documented issues.

The website structure is fairly straightforward, well signposted and consequently easy to find your way around - but why could they not make it look a bit better for their hundred of thousands of customers?

The Bet US home page can only be described as a design disaster area. It appears that different teams of designers with conflicting ideas have tried to squeeze their theories into a box which is quite simply not the right shape to accommodate them. And how many different shades of dark blue can you throw on the same page without wondering if someone, somewhere is slightly colour blind?

So you have another look and it is mostly very dark blue. Take a look at the long, thin strip at the very top of the home page that tells you about the new BetUS domain name. The message contained may be more important than the medium but why can it not share the same colour blue as one of the others and have the same rounded edges that every other similarly proportioned area shares? Fortunately there is an option to close it which reduces the number of different shades of dark blue down to three.

On a positive note, there is the convenience that comes with finding everything that you need in one location without having to shop around. You are a busy person who would prefer not to have to visit numerous locations, physical or online. This is the one area in which Bet US really delivers. There is a comprehensive sportsbook as well as a substantial poker and casino operation.

For example, when clicking on horseracing in late April you will find much more than the obvious betting lines for the Kentucky Derby. There are lines for a horse winning the Triple Crown, for the Derby winner winning the Preakness or the Belmont. Other options include the margin of victory, the winning time and even the successful saddlecloth number. There are odds given from racetracks not just across the whole of North America but also for Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. You will also find plenty of international action including any imminent UK Classic Races such as the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas which are held in Newmarket early in May. There are also lines for the Oaks and the UK Derby which take place at Epsom in early June.

With all this on offer, and the work that has gone into it, you would have thought BetUS would try to make some real money by being honest. Dishonesty always costs in this business. It costs because hard-won clients will never return. It costs because there is no way back from a bad reputation. It is all over the internet. There is no hiding place from the abysmal publicity this company has successful spawned. In the bookmaking business you get a lot richer by being scrupulously honest and equitable than by being shady and crooked. It is a lesson this company may never learn.

Summary: The design may be a subjective issue and ultimately it is ease of use that counts. The website is certainly clear. In addition they provide an impressive range of online sports markets for customers to wager on, as well as the ubiquitous casino and poker rooms.

It does not matter how good or wonderful any of those things are if the management fail to run a respectable firm. You can excuse a few online complaints about any company. We all know that some people will moan about even the best locations. However a search of the web reveals a frightening avalanche of player allegations against Bet US. These range from poor customer service, to failing to payout on winning bets, to failing to make payouts at all in some alleged cases. Then there is the little matter of their lies to their former affiliate business partners, a sordid episode of which we had personal experience.

They have managed to ruin their reputation in the online betting world through years of alleged player abuse. They do a massive disservice to the other good companies operating in the sector. They could be tarnished with the same brush just because BetUS have alienated decent American sportsbook players. In short, steer well clear of this shady operation. There are far better options out there, as detailed on this website. Remember, you do always have a choice and playing at Bet US is not something you should decide to do.

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Recommended: Bovada Sportsbook, a better sportsbook than Bet US