5Dimes Sportsbook Review – No Longer Accepts USA

Last updated April 26th, 2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 5Dimes Sportsbook has closed all operations to the USA betting market and is no longer accepting new American players. As a result of their exit from the USA, the 5Dimes review below needs some updating. The best option for U.S. residents is Bovada Sportsbook or any of the firms recommended on the USA Betting home page. If you are Canadian, join Bookmaker Sportsbook.
5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes Sportsbook provides a strong spectrum of online options for USA bettors, including sports betting, a racebook and casino. The sportsbook has earned a big reputation over many years of service. It may sound like a line, but there are genuinely an army of players who have tried the rest and refuse to wager anywhere else. Read on for our review of this site, but we are giving little away by saying that our conclusion is a positive one.

The unusual thing about 5Dimes is the high standard of service they provide to their clients both in the US and elsewhere. Their speed and efficiency when it comes to payouts in particular is excellent. This is one online gaming provider you can trust implicitly not just to take your money promptly but to give it back to you equally as fast.

Numerous US bettors who had become disenchanted and dissatisfied after experiencing payout problems with many big names in the online gaming world have flocked to this website and stayed there. Payouts are often completed in hours rather than days. There is praise from American players for many other facets of the customer service too, though in keeping with the industry at large, certain payout methods may attract a charge.

For US players, payout efficiency and reliability is often the top priority but this operation does not succeed on the strength of their financial transfers alone. There are sign-up incentives, bonuses and loyalty rewards too. They also aim to offer their clients a massive choice of wagers and some of the best odds in the virtual village of American-serving offshore sportsbooks.

If you want to take a look at the betting lines you will need to register via the register here link at the top right hand corner of their home page. But the form is brief, simple and not intrusive and there is no need to deposit money. This way you get your login details and can browse the events they are wagering on without the requirement to take it any further.

Initial impressions of 5Dimes Sportsbook involve the uniquely spartan look to their website, but this is a distinct advantage. The site is fast and it is so easy to find the betting lines you want, without the distraction of unnecessary bells and whistles. They also have a reputation for laying a decent-sized bet, and you can not say that about most of their rivals.

If you choose to have a browse around the sportsbook you will be presented with the surprisingly simple ‘Bet the Board’ page providing a comprehensive list of the sports currently on offer at the time of your visit. There are no flashy graphics or banners, just type on a white page, lots of boxes for you to tick if you are sufficiently interested and the logo at the top. Depending on your view point you could describe it as refreshingly simple or a little underwhelming. We go very much with the former.

On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a screenshot of the ‘Bet the Board’ page, from which you can then access all the betting lines for the sport you wish to see:

5Dimes Sportsbook

To delve into the detail you just have to tick the relevant boxes and click continue. It is beautifully simple to use and there is a useful menu on the left hand side of the page which enables you to select Straight and RIF, Parlay, Teaser/Progressive, If Bets, Action Reverse, Futures and Office Pools if you are interested in a specific bet type. There is also a useful ‘Review Bets’ option in the same menu to help you keep track of your current exposure.

The key sporting areas of focus at 5Dimes Sportsbook are revealed by the order in which the sports are listed. First on the board is Football. Below the main heading you can tick separate boxes for college football, props and futures. Basketball is the second sport listed with NBA, International, Props, Live In Play, Reduced and Futures options detailed below the heading. Baseball is next followed by Hockey which includes options for NHL, International, Props, Reduced, Live In Play and Futures.

The fifth sport listed is Soccer. There is a slightly different approach here with boxes to tick for Argentina, Brazil, England, European Cup, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Scotland, South America and Spain listed as well as USA MLS before you get to the Futures subheading. If you are interested in soccer in all locations you don’t have to work your way down the list, ticking each box. You just put a tick in the Soccer heading box and all the options listed below will be automatically ticked so that you can get a full picture of the action available, albeit a rather long one.

Golf, Tennis, Motor Racing and Fighting are the only other sports that merit their own. 5Dimes are known to be stronger on boxing than most internet sportbooks for Americans. It appears together with UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator underneath ‘Fighting’.

Olympics, Horses, Darts, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Lotto, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Handball and Aussie Rules are all listed under the ‘Other Sports’ heading. But with the horse racing there is a completely separate section for the ‘racebook’ as a main tab at the top of all pages, so this is comprehensively covered.

USAbetting.com checked out the site for this review one evening in early May. So what happened when we clicked on ‘Football’ on a Thursday evening?

The next screen is a massive list. It started with the spreads for ten college football games, listed in date order with the most imminent first, extending to a game on the following Monday.

Props Football is the next subheading with money lines for the BCS Championship in the following year. After that you will find an extensive list giving money lines for the number of regular season wins for each team in alphabetical order, starting with Alabama and ending with West Virginia. The Heisman Trophy winner is next.

Having scrolled down through that lot we found a new section for the NFL Super Bowl, listing the teams, starting with the Green Bay Packers at +600 and ending with the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars at +17500.

The next section of this beautiful marathon list was headed ‘NCAA Football BSC Championship’ for the following year. All the teams were listed according to their perceived chances at the time. When we wrote this 5Dimes Sportsbook review, USC were at the top at +350 and Duke, Temple, Minnesota, Kansas, Mississippi and Kentucky at the bottom at +100000.

The individual NCAA Conference Championships followed and then it is back to the Heisman Cup again. The monster list is concluded with the CFL Grey Cup with Calgary favorites at the top at +400 and the Saskatchewan Roughriders long shots at the bottom at +1100.

Our advice is that you click only on the specific area you are interested in if you do not want to have to scroll down a long list. It is great to see so many betting lines though. This is very much the sort of site that initially surprises you with its layout, but very quickly you realize the advantage of getting to a line much quicker than you would using any of the flashier designs of 5Dimes’ rival sportsbooks.

As is usual, poker players will have to download and install the poker room. However there seems to be a bit of a disconnect when it comes to poker. You will have to provide a new screen name and password and you cannot use the same account that would cover other areas of the website. Unlike other online gaming providers, all areas of the site cannot share the same account but, most importantly, the poker room shares the same standard of customer service and payout record of the other areas, so it is a small price to pay. An online casino is also part of the set-up, but primarily 5Dimes’ strength and big reputation revolves around their excellent sportsbook.

Licensing and location: The company is entirely located in Costa Rica and has been doing an awesome job serving American players online since 1998. The UK, Switzerland, Russia, France, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, & Ukraine are the only restricted countries. It is a refreshingly brief list that means not just American residents but most nationalities can enjoy the 5Dimes difference – Canadians take note!

5Dimes Sportsbook Deposits, Withdrawals, Payouts Methods

Like all offshore sportsbooks facing the American-player market, 5Dimes encourages customers to use Bitcoin. It is fast, convenient and fee free. More of that below, but here are the deposit and payout methods available:


Bitcoin, credit cards (mastercard and visa) or check. These are the only practical methods of deposit and, as you should expect, are free.


Check (cost $40 to $80), bank wire (cost $80) or Bitcoin. The costs for Bitcoin withdrawals can be kept down to nothing if you are a ‘Bitcoin exclusive’ customer. That means you only deposit using Bitcoin. We advise you contact customer services and get yourself marked as ‘Bitcoin Exclusive’. Then you can request regular Bitcoin withdrawals (up to $10,000 a time) and they are free. If you are deemed not to be ‘Bitcoin exclusive’ then you can get one free Bitcoin payout every 30 days on a Monday if you request between 9am and 1pm ET. This is your default ‘free payout day’. You can change this day of the week to another, once only, if you wish via CS. If you make a payout request any other time or within the 30-day rule then you will have the 3% charge deducted from your withdrawal.

USAbetting got confirmation of these rules from two different departments at 5Dimes, yet, as we update this 5Dimes review with this newly-changed information, the 5Dimes website itself does not have this information. They are sowing the seeds of confusion and dispute with regular customers.

USAbetting’s view is that creating these obstacles to Bitcoin deposits is short-sighted. Bitcoin withdrawals cost next to nothing (there is a minuscule transaction fee). BTC payouts should be free, as they are at 5Dimes’ competitors, with no questions asked. This policy, while quite easy to comply with to ensure free payouts, will cost 5Dimes goodwill, customers and hard cash. For a firm that has never put a foot wrong, this is an unnecessarily petty little set of rules. Would it it have happened if their founder was still running the show?

Our 5Dimes Sportsbook Review Verdict

This is a highly respected online gaming destination for good reason. It has a reputation within the industry as one of the very best options for USA bettors. That is because they offer competitive betting lines and they will take a decent-sized bet, unlike most of their competitors who only encourage recreational players and try to avoid the sharp action.

The simple website design speeds the process of placing a bet. Once you have got used to browsing through their lines, you’ll soon wish every sportsbook was this straightforward. They have a reputation for payout reliability and good customer service.

The only quibble we have is the fact they are now making niggling rules around Bitcoin withdrawals and asking clients to jump through hoops to avoid being charged an insulting 3% fee on BTC payouts. It is easy to void but hopefully they will quickly realize the lack of foresight with this policy and revert to free bitcoin withdrawals, no strings attached.

People who know always mention 5Dimes Sportsbook first in discussions about where Americans should bet. This firm does offer the complete package for discerning US sports bettors. As a result, USAbetting thoroughly recommends them.

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5Dimes Sportsbook
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Ant Christie
Payout Policy Sucks

5Dimes is a fantastic sportsbook but I'm noticing some changes that might impact on that. Their adjustments to crypto payout policy are frustrating, annoying and a hassle. You need to get yourself identified as being a customer who exclusively uses Bitcoin to help avoid a charge for BTC withdrawals. That's a payout process that everyone knows costs zip. Come on guys, nobody else does this - don't irritate your loyal players.

 by Lily Williams
Payouts Reliable

Just read the previous 5Dimes sportsbook review from Mick Jones and can't believe it tbh. These guys are one of the the best, along with Bovada and Intertops for paying out no problem. You can't blame them for checking a bit of security and validating that someone is who they say they are. It protects all players and their cash. I wouldn't want it with no checks at all. 5Dimes are honest to a fault and are known for it.

 by Mick Jones
5 Dimes Payout

They give an excuse everyday why I cant get a payout. Do not use these people they don't have a problem taking your deposits but getting a payout is a joke. Buyers Beware!

Surprised by this. Please give more detail (payment method for payout, amount, what they are saying) because we use the 5Dimes cashier for payouts regularly and have encountered no issues at all over many years. You may need to jump through a few verification hoops sometimes, but once done they have been true to their word every time.

 by Rosie Baldwin
5Dimes Good For US Sports

I like that they take my bets and payout without a fuss. The site is of course very basic but they have all the events and take a larger wager. Things are easiest when using Bitcoin but that is how all the offshore books are nowadays. Recommended.

 by Abigail Fraser
Strange But True

Strange but simple website. 5Dimes is a really honest sportsbook and they don't knock you back on the wagers. It makes a change to be able to stake what you like and know you won't be messed about. Bring on the NFL!

 by Geoff B
My Favored Sportsbook

I've got accounts at the few honest spots that serve the United States market. 5Dimes is my preference though. It is no-nonsense betting from a sportsbook I know I can trust.

 by Stanley Kalina
5Dimes Best For US

5dimes is my idea of the best of the bookies offering their services to the United States. They are fair, honest, take a good wager and payout.