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Last updated September 28th, 2022

USA Betting on TwitterUSA Betting has been writing about sports and sportsbooks for two decades. We provide detailed independent reviews of the offshore bookmakers that serve the American betting market. In addition, we post in-depth and analytical daily sports previews. These aid readers to be better informed about the big games of the day and when picking a wager. USA Betting prides itself on the quality of our writers and each is an expert in their field.

Meet Our Writers

Nick Dorrington

Nick DorringtonNick Dorrington on TwitterNick is our international soccer expert. Based in Spain, Nick is a full-time writer who specializes in North & South American soccer. He also covers the main European leagues and competitions. This includes writing for USA Betting on the English Premier League and FA Cup as well as the European Championships, World Cup and much more. As well as contributing to USA Betting, he writes for many top sports websites and national newspapers, including The Independent, ESPN, The Bleacher Report, Just Bookies & more.

Alex Uplinger

Alex UplingerAlex Uplinger on TwitterAlex is a sports betting analyst and an expert on NFL and college basketball. As well as his football writing for USA Betting, Alex is a podcast producer and co-hosts an NFL show for Full Slate and a sports betting podcast on the Blue Wire Network. When it comes to his sports predictions, he puts his money where his mouth is.

Marilee Gallagher

Marilee GallagherMarilee Gallagher on TwitterMarilee writes on NFL for USA Betting. As well as professional and college football previews, she regularly contributes MLB, tennis and basketball articles to this website. A native of Philadelphia and a big Eagles fan, she has been a sports writer for many major websites in the last decade. She has a rich history of writing, having started her journalistic career early, as sports editor for her college newspaper. Marilee has written for many major media outlets including Bleacher Report and Rant Sports.

Matt Harris

Matt HarrisNick Dorrington on TwitterMatt is well known in sports journalism and contributes articles to innumerable top websites and media outlets. He is an experienced writer who began covering sports in the days of teletext (look it up!). He specializes in golf and soccer for USA Betting and has picked out a number of longshot winners over the years. He can occasionally be seen course-side cheering on some golfing favorites while his own handicap starts to slide out of bounds.

Bradley Gibbs

Bradley GibbsBradley on TwitterBradley is an MLS (Major League Soccer) and European soccer expert, writing for USA Betting on those subjects. As well as MLS, he writes on Champions League, English Premier League and all the top European competitions and tournaments. He also pens sports betting guides, focusing on strategy. Bradley has written for many online and offline media companies including the Racing & Football Outlook.

Jared Johnson

Jared JohnsonJared Johnson on TwitterJared is a lifelong sports fan and writer who follows multiple sports closely, but especially the NBA. He graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and has contributed in the field of freelance sports writing online ever since. In addition to working with USA Betting for the past few years, he has past experience writing for numerous top sports websites. Jared uses his passion and knowledge of both sports statistics and the game of basketball to write informed articles both about NBA odds and other topics surrounding the league.

Site Founder & Additional Contributors

Our founder hand registered the prized USAbetting.com domain in 1999. He is in charge of the commissioning and editing of all published content. He also writes the operator reviews, general editorial content that is not attributed to anyone else and keeps the site updated. His resume includes an eclectic mix of roles over the years, but all centered around the sports betting world. He was a horse racing journalist, handicapper and general sports sub-editor, both writing and editing copy for national newspapers. He subsequently founded one of the first online bookmakers in 1998 before selling out to a public company two years later. At that time he was an amateur jockey and is still a long-suffering racehorse owner.

Fiona Derek is our horse racing expert. She has lived and breathed horses from a young age, having been involved in the horse racing industry both riding out for racehorse trainers and training herself.

Summary of Writing & Editing Team

As you have read, all the writers and editors that contribute to USA Betting are experts in their field, with specialist knowledge. However we are also all sports fans, partaking in sport and betting on a daily basis.

USA Betting: Integrity, Safety, Reputation, Independence

USA Betting is an aggregator, portal or affiliate site. We compare the merits of U.S. sportsbooks and weed out the untrustworthy. We receive commission when we refer a player to one of the betting operators that we list and review on this site. With many of our competitors, that fact colors their judgment and they will promote any operator as long as it results in a referral.

Finance is not the overarching factor in our thinking. We value integrity, honesty, the safety of players and our own reputation for independence, even if it ruffles feathers. You only have to read about the sites we recommend that you avoid such as the rogue BetUS sportsbook to realize that we won’t promote firms that, in our opinion, risk your safety.

Many despicable affiliate sites do get paid to promote the BetUS brand, as well as other untrustworthy operators that USA Betting refuses to list. Those sites put your safety at risk, while in stark contrast our actions demonstrate that we value the welfare of bettors above all else, highlighting the dangers. Integrity, and not finance, will always be our priority. It is something we take very seriously.

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