Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills Betting Picks, Preview & NFL Predictions: Home Team On Spread

Allen: KC Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills PredictionsPreviously set for last Thursday, the NFL’s (4-1) Kansas City Chiefs vs (4-1) Buffalo Bills contest has a new home today (5pm ET Monday; TV: Live on Fox & NFL Network).

Due to a series of coronavirus cases that hit the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo’s week four opponent, the schedule makers had to do some flexing to ensure Buffalo would see all its games played in a timely manner. So they moved Buffalo vs Tennessee to this past Tuesday and decided on a second Monday game as part of this week’s slate. It’s a good thing they did as this matchup has been highly anticipated ever since the initial schedules came out. So keep reading for our Chiefs vs Bills predictions, betting picks and full NFL game preview.

Prior to the season starting, the Bills, now in a Brady-less division, were favorites with the finest USA sports betting sites to win the AFC East whereas the Chiefs, defending Super Bowl champions, were favorites to win the AFC West. After the first five weeks of the season, nothing has really changed there. Both Buffalo and Kansas City look like bona fide title contenders save for one lopsided blemish on each of their records.

For the Chiefs, their lone loss came in a head scratcher against the Oakland Raiders, whose identity as good or bad this year has been mostly a toss-up. Buffalo didn’t lose their first game until last week, when they allowed the Titans to put up over 40 points in what marked QB Josh Allen’s worst start in some time.

Even the best teams can’t and very often, don’t, win them all so neither Buffalo or Kansas City have cause for concern right now. That said, the two teams, who we may very well see match up again in the AFC Championship, would both benefit from the win this week. It is early to say, but a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs is at stake. For the teams allowing fans in the stadiums this year, which includes the Chiefs, that advantage could mean more than it has in any other season prior to the 2020 campaign.

Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen

Flip a coin and take your pick. Either way, you’d be getting one of the top quarterbacks this year.

The legend of Patrick Mahomes has since become the reality, the normalcy really. If it hadn’t been before when Mahomes was winning the MVP, it certainly became clear last year when he led his team to a Super Bowl victory. Mahomes, who is enjoying yet another unsurprisingly great year, can simply do things with his arms and his legs that no other quarterback can. His vision down the field is exceptional and the way he makes plays when it seems there are no other options, is what makes Mahomes not just one of the best active players, but one of the best period.

Much has been made of Mahomes’ greatness and rightly so. The young QB is as advertised and the Chiefs have built a winning team behind him. Offensively, Kansas City has more weapons than one can count and they just added another in former league-leading rusher, LeVeon Bell. Bell, at his prime, was a stud and while his numbers have been a far cry from those days lately, he is still capable of making magic happen. Especially now that he’ll be sharing a pass-catching backfield with rookie standout, Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

While not of the same ilk of greatness as Mahomes, Josh Allen is proving to be every bit as talented as some of the top quarterbacks in the league. This year, that’s a group he sits near the top of, as it relates to passing performance. For fans of the Bills, seeing Allen rise to prominence was always the expectation. Allen has long since profiled as the kind of QB that Mahomes has become. He can make plays with his feet and his arms. He is a quick thinker and, much like Mahomes, has the ability to see down field and make plays few others can.

Much like Mahomes, Allen has some top-tier weapons also, namely in the team’s big offseason addition, Stefon Diggs. One of the top wide receivers of the past few seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo brought Diggs in to be the guy and he has certainly lived up to that billing this year. Diggs is currently fifth in the NFL in receiving yards and to this point, has played one less game than those ahead of him. He is also seventh in receptions as Diggs has been Allen’s go-to guy this year.

Our Betting Preview’s Chiefs vs Bills Predictions & Picks Final Verdict

It is always a treat when two of the league’s top quarterbacks go head-to-head. We saw that yesterday when Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers had a rare regular season meeting against Tom Brady and his now Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While both Rodgers and Brady can still play at a high level, that QB duel represented the past. Today’s represents the future as duels between Allen and Mahomes are just getting started.

The Chiefs are -5.5 points on some sportsbooks’ spread, which may seem a little high to most especially with Buffalo the home team. The Bills haven’t often been home dogs especially not this year. In an underdog role however, Buffalo will be looking for the upset and a bona fide chance to prove they are every bit as legit as Super Bowl contenders as the Chiefs. This one is really tough to call but by the slimmest of margins, take the Bills on the spread. We’re expecting a pretty close game so staying within that one touchdown sweet spot should be a safe bet. So these are our Kansas vs Buffalo predictions for this preview: