Super Bowl Specials & Prop Bets Preview, Predictions & Betting Picks

Julio JonesOne of the best parts about Super Bowl season, in addition to the game itself and the fanfare surrounding it are the prop bets and specials. Ranging from what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach to how long it will take Luke Bryan to sing the national anthem, there is pretty much no shortage of additional betting football fans can take part in this year.

So here is our look at the props available from the Super Bowl sportsbooks, along with our predictions and picks for Sunday’s big game.

Super Bowl MVP

We’ll start with a pretty conventional one, that being the Super Bowl MVP. Bovada’s odds are currently listed as follows:

  • Tom Brady (NE) +120
  • Matt Ryan (ATL) +180
  • Julio Jones (ATL) +750
  • Devonta Freeman (ATL) +2500
  • Julian Edelman (NE), Chris Hogan (NE), LeGarrette Blount (NE) +2500

There are two ways to win a Super Bowl MVP: be the quarterback of the winning team or make the winning/game-changing play. For that reason, it’s no surprise that Tom Brady, who has won the MVP in three of his four Super Bowl appearances, and Matt Ryan, the defending NFL MVP, are the favorites to take home the award.

My money is on Brady to win his fourth, setting a record as most Super Bowl MVPs of all-time. But that said, anything could happen and a guy like Julian Edelman or Julio Jones (pictured) would not be a bad flyer in the event of a close game. It should be noted however that wide receivers have only won the award a total of six times in the history of the Super Bowl. Running backs like Devonta Freeman and LeGarrette Blount, have only fared slightly better, winning seven MVPs in 50 years but none since Super Bowl XXXII (32).

So the smart money is on the winning quarterback and that means taking Brady at +120 best odds to win his fourth MVP and second in three years.

Cross Sport Props

Instead of focusing on how long Lady Gaga’s set list will be during the halftime show or if Bill Belichick will be seen smiling on camera, let’s talk about some of the more interesting bets out there, those being the cross sport props.

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Julio Jones receiving yards (+110) or Celtics points scored (-150)?

Jones has had a bit of an up-and-down campaign ever since the Falcons’ loss against the Seahawks. He totaled 139 receiving yards that game, but since then, has been up and down, hot and cold every other week. The same has held true thus far in the postseason. Jones had 180 yards against the Packers but just 67 against the Seahawks. That points to Jones going for 100+ in the Super Bowl. The Celtics meanwhile, average 108.1 points per game and have been scoring well lately. They play the Clippers on Sunday which lends to a higher scoring game. Take the Celtics on this one.

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Tom Brady rushing yards (+170) or Donald Trump’s interview with Bill O’Reilly in minutes (-250)?

Oh this is a fun one. Bill O’Reilly has the honors of doing the presidential Super Bowl interview and this one seems like a clear runaway for the president and the Fox News personality. The interview likely won’t run over 10 minutes but is Brady really going to have more than 10 rushing yards? This season Brady has gone over 10 yards just four times and has gone five or under six times. Thus far in the playoffs, he has -2 rushing yards. So yeah, take the money on the interview in this one.

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Matt Ryan TD passes (-120) or total goals scored in the Leicester vs Manchester United game (-120)?

Football means futbol in this prop. Ryan had a great year and is backing that up with a great postseason. He has been the key reason the Falcons are even in the Super Bowl, attempting to win their first in franchise history. But can he outscore a soccer game? Ryan has thrown for at least three touchdowns nine times this year including both playoff games. But New England has a stingy defense. I predict Ryan has no more than three scores. That being said, Manchester United games have only totaled four goals two times since the end of the December. Leicester City has only hit that mark once in the same timeframe. Take Ryan on this one, to outscore the “other” football game on Sunday.

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Patriots total points scored (-140) or Russell Westbrook points scored (evens)?

Russell Westbrook is the best player in basketball and is playing out of his mind. He very well could finish the season having averaged a triple double and that’s incredibly impressive. But will he score more points on Sunday against the Trailblazers? With the defenses at play in the Super Bowl, it seems unlikely the Patriots will top 30 points. However, the odds on Westbrook, who averages 30.8 points per game, accomplishing that feat, are pretty strong. So take Westbrook to outscore the Patriots.

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday: Shortest field goal in the game (EVEN) or Carey Price saves (-140)?

We go to the NHL for this prop, specifically the Canadiens and one of the league’s best goaltenders in Price. The shortest field goal in the NFL, a chip shot, is 17 yards. You’d have to go back to December 10th to find the last time Price saved less than 17 shots. Estimating that the shortest field goal in the game could go about 20, again, these are odds that favor Price. The Montreal goaltender has saved at least 27 in seven of his last eight games, including at least 34 in four of those games. Price has a great shot against the Oilers to hit 30 saves again and that should be enough to best the shortest field goal either Stephen Gostkowski or Matt Bryant kick on Sunday. Take Price to win this one.