NBA: Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors Preview

Stephen CurryThe NBA season is in its final stretch and for teams like the Washington Wizards and the Golden State Warriors, these final games are all about jockeying for position and seeding. Currently, the Wizards are fifth in the Eastern Conference while the Warriors continue to occupy the top seed in the Western Conference.

The two teams face off against each other tonight (10:30pm EST, Monday) in yet another pivotal East/West showdown.

There are many reasons for the Warriors’ success this year but the main one that comes to mind is that of Stephen Curry (pictured) and Klay Thompson, the so-called “Splash Brothers.”

Given the nickname by the team’s beat writer back in 2012 as a play off of the Oakland Athletics’ “Bash Brothers,” Curry and Thompson earned the title because of the scoring line they put forward in a game back in December of that year. The nickname quickly gained traction and now, three years later, it has become the rallying cry of a Golden State team that has lost just 13 games this season.

The duo averages a combined 45 points per game this season (23 for Curry, 22 for Thompson) and is known for flawless execution on the court. Together, both Thompson and Curry started alongside each other in the All-Star game this year and both took part in the three-point contest as well. They are friends on and off the court and they might just be what it takes to bring a championship to San Francisco.

Guarding the Bros has been all but impossible given the pure shooting ability both players possess. It is also tough considering that teams are forced to stop two players who can each put up 20. In games where Curry has been held in check, Thompson has excelled and vice versa.

Additionally, team chemistry on the Warriors is among the best in the league and a large part of that is because of the unselfish, team-first attitudes that both Curry and Thompson bring to the team. Each may be a high class scorer but it is more than that. They get the entire team involved, doing so with an NBA-best 27.3 assists per game. The team, in due part because of the duo, also leads the NBA in points per game with just under 110.

But all of that said, here is where the Wizards could benefit. Thompson is doubtful to play and while this is no way is a death knoll for the Warriors, it does give Washington a slight in. The team is weaker without Thompson and during his absence, Curry has not exactly been a scoring machine. If the Wizards can keep the MVP candidates scoring down, they could have a shot to win this all-important rematch.

Are the Wizards Finally Back on Track?

When the season started, the youthful, energetic Wizards’ team quickly emerged as one of teams to watch in the East. Washington was winning games in exciting fashion, doing so in large part behind the leadership and scoring of point guard John Wall (17 PPG, 10 APG).

But then the All-Star break came and seemingly cooled off all of their momentum. The Eastern Conference hopefuls lost seven of their first nine out of the break and they slipped down the standings in the already weak East. It looked as if the team was headed for a collapse but then March came and it saw the Wizards win five of seven.

Right now, Washington is coming off of two not particularly close losses against top Western Conference teams. This really isn’t too much of a surprise though because the West is the superior conference by far. That said, the Wizards have been playing better as of late.

If the Wizards are finally back on track and back to being the team they were at the beginning of the season, there is a good chance they can make some noise in the Eastern Conference. Against the Warriors however, even without Thompson, it is unlikely they will leave the Golden State with a win.

Washington Wizards at Golden State Warriors Betting Picks

The Warriors have been the best team in the NBA by far this year and there is no reason to expect that this won’t continue in the season’s final games. Even without Thompson, the Warriors winning streak has continued. Additionally, the Warriors are playing this one at home, a place that has seen just two losses this year by the home team.

  • The Warriors are the -11pt favorites and, despite that hefty deficit, they can defy that spread @ betting odds of -110 with Bovada or BetOnline.