BetUS Sportsbook Review 2024

Last updated March 4th, 2024

Scam bookie BetUS is not recommended
A better sportsbook for Americans is Bovada

BetUS Sportsbook ReviewThe untrustworthy BetUS Sportsbook has provided online sports betting since the turn of the century and also offers poker and casino action. They have grown to a substantial size but there have been a tidal wave of problems with this operator. In fact, judged by our own experience here at USA Betting and the independent player reviews at the bottom of this page, BetUS are to be avoided.
What is your experience of BetUS? A lot of people have left their thoughts below this BetUS review. So far there have been very few positive comments. Did you have a good or bad experience? Did you get paid smoothly or did they cause a problem? Please tell us your opinion.
The customer service has a bad reputation. In an ideal world there should be the wonderful reassurance of knowing that whoever you talk to will actually listen to what you have to say. That does not happen at Bet US. If you want someone to empathize with any problems that you are experiencing, tough luck. If you are looking for customer services to explain anything that previously appeared incomprehensible then you may be let down by this particular USA focused online betting company.

Although there may be a toll free customer service phone line available at any time of day or night, you may be unable to find anyone who is willing to understand your problem and solve it. There is the potential nightmare of encountering unhelpful, evasive people who provide anything but good service. Allegations of obstructive customer service are rife.

They may use a carefully chosen vocabulary to imply the provision of customer service but they are not really focused on serving the player at all. It is claimed online that, in some cases, BetUS have endlessly found excuses for failing to pay out on winning wagers and that all too often they are running a scam.

In short, there have been far too many issues with payouts to detail here. If you use a search engine to check on this, and have a weekend or two to spend reading the allegations of individual cases, you will understand why it is no longer a site that we can recommend. Few other American-facing websites have ever garnered such poor publicity.

It is so much easier to deposit money with BetUS Sportsbook than to withdraw it. The devil is in the detail and there are many examples of customers being stalled for weeks with no sensible explanation being provided to explain payout delays. There have also been refusals to payout, confiscation of bonuses and even some mentions on the web of bouncing checks. The customer service ratings have understandably plummeted on the back of these well documented issues.

The website structure is fairly straightforward, well signposted and consequently easy to find your way around – but why could they not make it look a bit better for their hundred of thousands of customers?

The Bet US home page can only be described as a design disaster area. It appears that different teams of designers with conflicting ideas have tried to squeeze their theories into a box which is quite simply not the right shape to accommodate them. And how many different shades of dark blue can you throw on the same page without wondering if someone, somewhere is slightly colour blind?

So you have another look and it is mostly very dark blue. Take a look at the long, thin strip at the very top of the home page that tells you about the new BetUS domain name. The message contained may be more important than the medium but why can it not share the same colour blue as one of the others and have the same rounded edges that every other similarly proportioned area shares? Fortunately there is an option to close it which reduces the number of different shades of dark blue down to three.

On a positive note, there is the convenience that comes with finding everything that you need in one location without having to shop around. You are a busy person who would prefer not to have to visit numerous locations, physical or online. This is the one area in which Bet US really delivers. There is a comprehensive sportsbook as well as a substantial poker and casino operation.

For example, when clicking on horseracing in late April you will find much more than the obvious betting lines for the Kentucky Derby. There are lines for a horse winning the Triple Crown, for the Derby winner winning the Preakness or the Belmont. Other options include the margin of victory, the winning time and even the successful saddlecloth number. There are odds given from racetracks not just across the whole of North America but also for Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. You will also find plenty of international action including any imminent UK Classic Races such as the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas which are held in Newmarket early in May. There are also lines for the Oaks and the UK Derby which take place at Epsom in early June.

With all this on offer, and the work that has gone into it, you would have thought BetUS Sportsbook would try to make some real money by being honest. Dishonesty always costs in this business. It costs because hard-won clients will never return. It costs because there is no way back from a bad reputation. It is all over the internet. There is no hiding place from the abysmal publicity this company has successful spawned. In the bookmaking business you get a lot richer by being scrupulously honest and equitable than by being shady and crooked. It is a lesson this company may never learn.

Summary: The design may be a subjective issue and ultimately it is ease of use that counts. The website is certainly clear. In addition they provide an impressive range of online sports markets for customers to wager on, as well as the ubiquitous casino and poker rooms.

It does not matter how good or wonderful any of those things are if the management fail to run a respectable firm. You can excuse a few online complaints about any company. We all know that some people will moan about even the best locations. However a search of the web reveals a frightening avalanche of player allegations against Bet US. These range from poor customer service, to failing to payout on winning bets, to failing to make payouts at all in some alleged cases.

Then there is the significant matter of their lies to their former affiliate business partners and their own affiliate managers. Both were cut off in 2011 at a moment’s notice, stealing commission on referred players and sacking staff. It was a sordid episode that cost USA Betting a lot of money. In 2021, they falsely claimed the management and ownership had changed and they reopened their partner program under a brand called revmasters. The complaints have still been coming thick and fast every since. They certainly have not cleaned up their act, but rather they have doubled down on their dubious management style.

They have managed to ruin their reputation in the online betting world through years of alleged scams and player abuse. They do a massive disservice to the other good companies operating in the sector. They could be tarnished with the same brush just because BetUS have alienated decent American sportsbook players. In short, steer well clear of this shady operation. There are far better options out there, as detailed on this website. Remember, you do always have a choice and playing at BetUS Sportsbook is not a decision you should be making.

(Much better bookie than BetUS)

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Average rating:  
 218 reviews
 by JS
BetUS Is Joke

This site is a complete and utter joke. BetUS now have some stipulation that live plays must include a line that says OT included for those plays to count. There isn't a site in the world that doesn't count overtime or extra innings unless it's for that inning or quarter or period. On top of that they make it a royal pain in the butt to get your money back once you make a deposit. Their bonuses that they brag about offering only are available if you are a loser and are not up on them in terms of deposits and withdrawals. IE: if you deposit 500 and withdraw more than that you can't get a bonus on any future deposits until your deposit amounts are more than you withdrew. Avoid this scam site, they are a joke. There are tons of other legitimate options that actually care about their customers winning and make the experience enjoyable. They are a joke. Go to anywhere but these clowns.

 by Super Bowl Bettor
Super Bowl 2024 Bet

They don't pay out. Scam.

 by Dan
Scam Site

No reason to use BetUS with so many reputable sites out there. They offer huge deposit bonus with huge rollover requirements. If you somehow meet the requirements and are up money they will stall payouts. Also they offer promos that they don’t honor. Please stay away from this site.

 by Tom Macchia

Put in $500 and wagered it all and won $450, they gave me a $500 free play and I wagered that too and won again $450. My account has $1,400 in it now and they won't payout nothing, not even my original deposit until I wager $9,500 more.

 by Peter
Never Use BetUS Site

Hard to get back payout. People are unprofessional. Payout fees high. I tried to withdraw $972. They charged $72 for bank transfer. Terrible site. Don't use them.

 by Anon
Unbelievable Crooks

I was told it was a server error in response to a bet I noticed that wasn't paid. They paid 30min later. Then the next day my dumbass tried again. Same damn thing happened. They again credited my small bet and told me all my other 200-300 bets were paid correctly, without providing the proof I requested both times! I wasn't paying attention to my balance day 1. I lost almost 2k, day 2 800 when I noticed. These guys are crooks. Zero rating.

 by Eric
BetUS Are Liars Or Worse

The BetUS website should have been shut down by now. It is a scam, and they collect your driver's license and credit card info. I cannot understand how this is allowed to continue to operate.

 by Tebish Younjan
BetUS Locked Account & Kept My Money

Betus closed my account and is trying hard to keep my money. Betus closed my account about 3 months ago and told me to call them by phone. They would not tell me why my account was closed over email and insisted I call them on the phone. I called them by phone and they started making up lies telling me I've been "sharing information" (whatever that means) with another player . When asking them how they came up with such an accusation, all i got for a response was "you know what you did, just admit it". At BetUS it's obvious that you are guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. Just baseless claim after baseless claim on the phone call, I simply could not believe what i was hearing. I even sent them a photo of my id and a selfie holding my id! But apparently this is not enough verification for them . . . would also be willing to send in bank statements as well and even write my id of the account on a piece of paper and send them a selfie with it, but this would also not be "sufficient verification" for them because it seems they will do absolutely anything they can in their power to not pay me out and steal my money with baseless claims. This account is the only account I have ever had with BetUS. The other player they mentioned (or made up) has obviously has no ties whatsoever to my "ip address" as they claim because have no idea who this person is (if he even exists) . They have pointed me to their terms and conditions which absolutely have nothing to do with me as I have abided by all the guidelines and terms and they have no reply when I ask them for evidence or proof (obviously because its fabricated) for all their baseless claims and give me replies like "if you want your account reopened you need to come clean with me and tell me your relationship with *insertname*, "I'm trying to understand what your relationship is with *insert name* . "we cant open your account if you don't tell me what your relationship is with *insert name* " . Keep in mind I have no idea who this person is that they are mentioning and he is probably made up. And when I mention that I don't know the person they are talking about they just tell me they can't reopen my account until I admit I know the person . . . ridiculous and obvious tactics of trying to scam me and keep my money. My account has been closed for a few months now without any progress towards it being reopened. My account ID is : 2043191

 by Bill

No payout after several days because they didn’t pay the correct fee to get the funds transferred completely.

 by Angry
They Will Only Cash Out In Bitcoin

I deposited US dollars. Trying to cash out, they will only let it happen in Bitcoin. I haven't yet given in to that. Exploring my options. I have bet with them for 2 years, and now trying to cash out am having my first bad experience. I do not recommend them.

 by Yo Mama
Somebody Dox BetUS

After all of the threats, complaints, and thievery, I think it's time to actually do something about it. I'm guessing those at the top have names and addresses, no?

 by Doo
100% Fraudulent

Charged my card illegally, through money laundering from Hong Kong. When contacted them through chat, the agent actually closed the chat when I requested refund. Scam 100%.

 by Derik Howard
Refuse To Payout

I transferred $1000 to BetUS more than 12 years ago. I've tried on numerous occasions to withdraw just a few dollars. Every single time they either ignore my request or insist they have new rules for withdrawals. Their new rules make it impossible to implement. They are liars, thieves, and scam artists.

 by Anonymous
Actually I’ve won a lot from this site

It’s gambling, people. Obviously you won’t win all the time (this is a legit review from a real person in the USA). Overall I’m sure I’m down but I’ve hit several bit payouts this year playing slots . . . $6,000 is my biggest hit and was betting $3 a spin MANY big hits and payouts ranging from $300 to $2,500. I have never had one issue being paid out (in bitcoin) few times took a day but usually paid and hits my bitcoin wallet within a few hours. Rollover requirement insane but that’s on any site. I never take the deposit bonuses or refer all bonuses.

 by Andrew Levison
BetUS is my go-to for thrilling gambling experiences.

I've had a fantastic experience with BetUS! Their casino is filled with a variety of games, including slots, table games, and live dealers. The racebook allows me to bet on thrilling horse races from around the world. What sets BetUS apart is their user-friendly interface, amazing bonuses, and reliable customer support. It's my favorite platform for enjoyable online gambling.

We know you are a shill for BetUS. What an unauthentic 'review'. It may fool trustpilot etc . . . it's the last one of these fake reviews that we publish.

 by Kim
It's a Scam

I started trying to get a payout of my account 5/15/23. I have made eleven phone calls and won't try again. Everything stated in the review above is true. There is no customer service. They appear to have no intention of sending me my money. They try to push crypto, and then state that if you want a check it will cost $55.00. I eventually accepted that, but it's another scam. After waiting a week for the check I called and they said I hadn't responded to an email they sent, so they canceled the payout request. The email simply stated they were processing my request, they didn't ask for a response. After several frustrating calls I was promised a check, along with a federal express tracking number for the mailing. Neither ever happened. They are crooks and liars, all of them. Do not use this site. They don't even deserve one star.

 by RDS

Horrific in the casino. Single hand blackjack...if the dealer has a 10 showing there's a 83% chance of an 8 or higher behind it, based on roughly 25 hands. Dealer always gets 20 or 21 with a 5 showing. A 5? You double down and you lose. Period. Dealer hit 3 blackjacks in 4 hands. In 7 out of 10 hands your 10 or 11 is hit with a 3 or 4. In roughly 50% a 12 is hit with a 10.

 by Joseph Page

A friend won $1300 and they said they 'sent it but someone must have hijacked the account', then they refused to pay. Any money you send them would be foolish, you are not going to get your money if you win. I was going to sign up at one time, but when this happened to my friend, I knew I would never receive any money if I won.

 by Jon Connors
Refuse To Pay

I won a jackpot or two on a slot machine the other night and they're saying it was a software glitch and they refuse to pay. They have terrible customer service. They lie to you - another trying to avoid me. Doing a complaint with the Pennsylvania gaming commission. I will put reviews all over the world about these people. $7,500 is what they owe me.

 by Brittany Gilland
Super Bowl Contest Win Being Refused

I just won their golden ticket contest for the Super Bowl plus paid all-expenses paid stay and two 5,000 visa and they are refusing to give me my winnings. I have all proof and conversation and all and still refusing so I am not sure who or how go about but needing to talk and find an attorney who will take this case and matter.

 by The Man
Blackjack Scam

Don’t ever play their online blackjack. Man is it rigged on so many levels. They have bots hit on a hand that someone would never hit on and then it lines up a 21 for the dealer to beat the table. Then the dealer is dealt 20-21 for the next 6 hands. The dealers look at the comments in the chat and smirk. Plus the video is on a delay. They know what you bet prior to you seeing the final outcome but the outcome already happened and they scan different cards in the shoe for you to lose. I love when you play 1 on 1 with dealer late at night and dealer will get five 20s in a row and then a 12-16 the next 5 hands and never bust. My favorite is when you hit on a 12 which you get 3 hands in a row and each time you hit you get a 10. Lol there is virtually only one card that can bust you and somehow you always get it but when you have a 16 vs dealers 14 magically the dealer gets a 3 and not only beats you but doesn’t bust and beats you by 1. I have thousands of hours of recorded play. The video switches a lot and has glitches. The cards are not real either sometimes. Stay away.

 by Joe South
Thieving Scum Bags

They will never send you a dime. I sent $1000 to this group almost 20 years ago. Placed bets made some money. After abiding by all their rules. I requested some withdrawal of cash. They refused any and all my numerous requests. My messages and phone calls to BETUS were responded to with a repetition of more unwritten rules and requirements such as you must place bets on team sports, but at least three times, but only on certain games. It never ended. I've since learned that they will never pay out as they are safely registered outside the USA on an island, while the owners live it up in Florida.

 by Derik Howard
Big thieves and liars

I transferred money to their offshore out of USA jurisdiction account two decades ago and tried numerous times to withdraw from my BetUS account only to be met with devious tricks and avoidance. Don’t ever get involved with the scum that run this business.

 by Larry
Wont get paid

So... I made 3 x $100 deposits overall. I didn't know what a rollover was until I joined BetUS. I won enough money on one game to cover my rollover, immediately after funds were on my betus balance, I went to get paid out. Hahahaha yrah right good luck with that! Customer service is straight dog poop! Now 3 weeks after I wanted to get paid out I finally got a supervisor to "approve" my payout. They took my balance from betus but have not seen the money in my bank account. I guess it's a $300 lesson. DO NOT PLAY WITH BETUS they will only take your money with no payout ever!

 by Betus Victim
Negative reviews are real. Stay away from BetUS

They offered 100 free spins in their Gravy promo, yet never disclosed anywhere that the free spins won’t be credited until 11/25, which is more than a week since the day I deposited. It’s now 11/25 and I’m told 4 different answers when asking about this: adding them now, during the day, by end of day, and finally at end of day. Super shady bait & switch scam artists.

 by Dominic
Betus stole $65,000

I was winning with Betus for a few years. My buddies and I got our 3 accounts up to about $80,000. Then Betus closed our accounts and paid up $15,000. Like most gamblers, I make wagers to make money, and the Sportsbooks sets the lines to make money. We are in a competition. The situation here is quite simple. Betus is the Bookie, we are the Players. Betus post all the lines, we as players decide what to bet on. Sounds fair. And the bookie gets -110. Sounds fair. They make all the lines and the bettor can pick and choose. The game is played, then graded, if there is a problem with the legitimacy of the wager it is dealt with then. If there are no problems with the wager the winnings get posted to the bettors accounts. Sounds fair enough. In summary: Betus provided the lines, allowed us to play them, graded them and placed the winnings in our account. That is how it works. But then Betus decides there is a problem, there in a flaw in their system that allowed some correlated parlays. Okay, so they need to fix their computer system. But the wagers were graded, won and posted days, weeks and even months ago. Betus, still voided all our action (A good guess would be 300 to 500 wagers were cancelled) and closed our accounts. There seems to be nothing I can do about it. They want me to shut up about this. No way. They still owe us $65,000.

 by Tony

I had a lot of money charged to my card. Just wondering if anybody else had this problem and got their money back?

 by Don
BetUS Scum of Earth

75x rollover on their deposits. Which is fine, up until they realize you're sharp (within a handful of bets) and cut your limits to $50 on everything. Let say you make a $5k deposit. How many $50 bets do you need to be able to WD you may ask? 7,500. 7,500! What they are doing is handcuffing (stealing) your deposit and telling you to F off. If there is any karma they will F with the wrong person, and hopefully the DOJ can go to their door and curb stomp each of them individually.

 by JR
Roulette is rigged

I played Roulette and for 19 spins it came up red when I stayed on black. I lost. Then next day I deposited 100 dollars and tried again, on black, again it came red 15 straight times. That's 44 red, zero black. Total scam.

 by Jenny
Stole Money from My Bank

They actually just took $500 out of my account broken down into little transactions. So someone is stealing money from the company or using their name to steal money.

 by Lee
Manipulation of all Machines in Casino

Back in the day Bet Us was decent however, several months ago everything changed. I mean damn, they don't even try to hide it. I've been an online slot player for years and have killed it. In the past I've won a bit at BetUs, not anymore. It doesn't matter what time of day, what day of the week, they are manipulating the machines. It's just horrible. You never win anymore. They actually stole 1600 bucks from me. Literally. I kid you not. Last month I was sitting around thinking how they never give free spins or just throw you a bone, like 25 bucks just to say thanks for all the thousands you've spent at their casino. Got on the chat with a guy and simply ask him to throw me a bone, I'd played there for years with nothing. I also made it clear that I didn't want it attached to some insane rollover etc. They kept putting money in my free play acct. Warning......... when you see that money there, it's for the sportsbook only with some crazy rollover must. Question, why would you give a person sportsbook money when they have never placed a bet in all the years they have been with your site? They are avid slot players. Me, they know this yet they kept doing it. Anyway, that's another nightmare. So he actually gave me 45 dollars, I was shocked, put it in my casino acct so I could play the slots and the rollover was only 6 times or something not too crazy. Again, I made him spell it out, that there were no strings, that after I hit the rollover etc I could cash out np. Sure np.
RIGHT. Well guess what, I happen to kick but with that little bone he threw me but as soon as I tried to cash at $1600 through bitcoin and there's a block from Betus saying I haven't met my play through requirements. Long story so I'm gonna be brief. After arguing back n forth for hours, listening to this guy basically telling me, it's not gonna happen, That if I wouldn't abide by the free play requirements that they would just take the money and be done with it. I was like, you cant do that, its illegal. He says, that's just the way things are, you're not gonna get that money. The guy admits he made a mistake, that he should have told me it was sportsbook money, that they never give free money in your cash acct however I still couldn't withdraw that money, again, it had to be played in the sportsbook and the rollover has to be met. I went off telling him we had a deal, I have the text that clearly shows our agreement regarding the free cash. He eventually goes and talks to his boss comes back and says you can cash 600 the rest goes in freeplay. I said ok. I didn't want to but, I also knew something was better than nothing. He tells me that I can cash out within half an hour to give him a few to fix the acct. I go to pull it out and I couldn't, it had some error come up every time. Of course we knew we had been duped, again. This was a nightmare, we tried for days. They not only wouldn't allow us to withdraw the 600 they even removed the 1000 from our freeplay money. Oh but they would allow us to use it in their casino, right, think they are gonna let you win, allow you to cash any money you might win. No. What I noticed while playing is I hit some crazy combos on a slot that had stop hitting period. MY favorite slot of course. Suddenly, I hit all 5 fruits across the board on 2 separate lines, paid 500 something, this never happens anymore ever. the second you raise your bet the slot goes cold, it's so damn obvious. Then you go back to 45cents and sure enough the coconuts or apples hit. It's a sad joke. You'll win 45, 50 free spins and get maybe 3 bucks. its sickening. Slots are manipulated, you will not win. Trust me when I tell you this. I'm an old hen who has won huge online I know how the games roll and how they should pay if legit. You have no chance at betus. I'm thinking new owners or something. As I said earlier, the machine use to be pretty normal, you would actually hit all 5 across the board, or shoot the ship that it 2x the 200 it pays, haven't seen that in about 2 yrs. It's just not the same. What's worse, they have no oversight, who is watching them. NO ONE. They laugh in your face while they take your hard earned money. That said, I knew immediately it was them letting us win. I'd remembered a conversation I had with the guy, telling him that I never cash out. What was the harm in giving me some cash to play, what I meant was I hadn't cashed in a long time because you never allow us to win anymore, thank you very much. So when I started winning I knew deep down something was amiss. Anyway, I tried to contact support and got nowhere. No one knew what I was talking about. They couldn't see any evidence of what I was telling them. Off course. They just kept up this nonsense until I eventually said F it. Betus was the only casino that had these 3 slots that I always play, no other casino had them. The Serpents game, Fruity Fortune, and Pirates Revenge. Sportsbetting used to have them but took them out shortly after I hit for 5k. Even though I knew they were crooks, I'd lie to myself with, I must be just playing at the wrong time. or someone must of hit this machine recently. Right. I knew better, it has taken me a while to leave the place but after the last 100 bucks and not winning anything, that was it. It's a shame that they have turned into crooks. But its true, they are cheats, they manipulate the machines, not some of the time. all the time. They aren't giving up a cent to you. You best believe it. They want it all and will tell you to shove it without blinking an eye. Stay away from Betus they are cheats with greed consuming their hearts. Sadly.

 by Ed
Bad Customer Service

How many times do I have to request they remove me from their contact lists? I have never used their service or any other sports betting service but they keep sending spam to me, wasting paper and my time. Would never use.

 by Bert
Total Scam

Guys don't waste your money. I won 850US from BetUS. They told me I can take payout 200 CAD. Rest of money will be void. What a scam don't make any account on BetUS.

 by Bryan
Blackjack Complete Scam

0 Stars! Site is a complete scam. When they tell you to keep a copy of a wager you placed for your own records, that tells you something shady is highly possible. I have screen recorded my sessions of playing blackjack, because I noticed how bad they cheat. The dealer will miraculously make great hands 90% off the time and that’s not exaggerating. After losing a lot of money I started recording, and after recording I’d get on the chat and complain because the dealer only busted 5 times out of 52 hands, and then 4 times out of 47 hands. They told me it was just a run of bad luck. Haha! So I deposited a couple hundred more to see if the same thing happens. Sure enough dealer busted 5 times out of 62 hands. When I did the chat again and asked the person how they get away with that and that I have the videos I could send to them to prove it happened, the representative said I’ll forward you over to the casino department. Then it just keeps you there waiting because they really don’t transfer you anywhere, they just disconnect you. So I made yet another Bitcoin deposit, lost my initial deposit the exact same way and I was livid. Said I’m not putting money into this site again. Talked to another person and they said the same thing, that it was just another run of bad luck for me and that other customers win 28 out of 32 hands! Exact same thing as before. Well I rolled over my bonus and got $780 from that. Said I’m going to record and play this blackjack again, knowing I’m going to lose it all. Sure enough I played two sessions, the first one the dealer busted 4 times out of 37 hands. I was then down to $110 left. Went to chat with another representative and told them I recorded multiple sessions with all the same cheating outcome and he said he was going to transfer me to the casino representative……guess what….. nobody ever came back in to chat and it went blank. Went and recorded the second session with my remaining $110……dealer busted 1 time out of 17 hands. I decided to count how many times the dealer has to hit in those 17 hands and that number was at 11. So the dealer hit 11 out of 17 hands and only busted one time - Unreal. And that’s because I busted on the other hands that I was brave enough to hit on. So the dealer could have easily made more than 11 hands. I noticed most of the times I hit, I always catch a face card to bust, so when I recorded the videos, I didn’t hit every time, so that I could see if the dealer would bust or not. Don’t put money into this site. It’s unbelievable at how rigged the casino is. Go elsewhere.

 by DidYaDirty
BlackJack BS

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks playing blackjack on here and I cashed out once. It took the act of congress to cash out first of all and then I couldn’t win a hand to save my life. I’m not sure how many hands I played before I started counting but after I started I’ve lost 219 and won 37. The stuff they pulled out of their backside with 6 and 7 card draws hitting 21 dam near every big draw with 2 or 3 A’s and then turn around and hit 3 21’s back to back to back and not to mention anytime a bet was changed to a larger amount no matter what was either a push or loss. They suck.

 by Smithereens
Rigged Gaming?

I can't prove anything, so I won't make accusations. However, I highly encourage everyone to avoid any blackjack game on or associated with their platform.

 by Darthkal
Betus Worst

Could not get winnings. They made withdrawals impossible. Worst site ever. Straight scam.

 by Shawn Giella
BetUS Show True Colors

So I positively reviewed BetUs a few times earlier in the year as I won a few thousand from them with no issues on payout using Bitcoin as the payout method. Their good behavior didn't last. Overall I walked away with decent profit which eventually stimulated them to be shady. 2 weeks ago I turn a 400$ deposit into 1900$ over a weekend which was the 4th time I took them for more than a grand profit in 2 months. Upon requesting payout they closed my account using the reason that because of my success I had to be a pro gambler which was in violation of their ToS which says you must be an amateur. I am an amateur I made the first sports bet in my life last October I'm just apparently good at it. They wouldn't budge. They wouldn't even give back the 400$ deposit. If they would of given me back the 400 I would of called it even because I took them for quite a bit. So I was like Ok so this is how you want to do it. I disputed 2200$ in deposits and won and had the dispute closed within 10 days.

They are going absolutely berserk now lol. 10 calls a day, constant emails. I finally answered a call today and the rep immediately demanded payment in the amount of the chargeback. I simply told him this.. the reason you feel so embolden to rip off your customers is because you know you are outside the reach of law enforcement this is also why there is nothing you can do about the chargebacks but eat ****. I changed my number after the call. I was never threatened by him or in the 50 voicemails, so at least they didn't do that.

 by Alex329

To the guys that have done chargebacks with BetUS, I have noticed that several have said they called to make BS threats. What kind of things are they saying? Collections? Credit reports? And did they end up doing anything?

 by Hosadose

It seems as if a bunch of underage kids are operating as the customer service reps. Very unprofessional and disorganized. From a betting site perspective they just are not comparable to Bovada and other sites. The rollovers & their bonuses are minimal at best. They do not appreciate their customers. Not to mention do not ever play their online slots - tightest slots in the business, you will not win.

 by Mills

I agree to all the above and below this betus site has been a huge disappointment to me as a player. Yes its my own fault for deposits total in the triple numbers. Tried to cash out once and was told I needed two crypto wallets? Thinking I would get a chunk of my deposits back someday I kept playing only to well you know the sad disappointing turnout. My review from 1-10 will be a 2 only due the horseracing bets but for slots I give them a -10. You will lose all you win on the ponies if you go into the casino so buyer beware! So Bovada it is.

 by Steve
Rigged Casino

You can win $1 hands in blackjack all day long, but once you up your bet presumably set to some sort of algorithm level (such as possibly a dollar amount threshold or multiples of your previous bets) they start rigging the game and you lose hand after hand after hand. I am guessing that it is computer coding, but it may just as well be a human manually watching your game and manipulating the results. Maybe they have alerts that pop up when people up their bet amounts, then they can focus on those players to take them down. Don't know how they sleep at night unless they are incapable of feeling emotions such as empathy.

 by Derik Howard

I sent BetUs $1000 almost 2 decades ago. That's right almost 20 years ago. I have tried many times to recover even a fraction of my money by meeting every single requirement they requested before they will consider a withdrawal. But every time they introduce a new rule and additional requirements. There's a reason they don't publish their address. The owners live in Florida. They are a small group of individuals with zero morality.

 by Karl Wilcox
No Problem

I took 1600 out of my account from BetUS. Never had a problem - I asked for it through bitcoins. I had it 15 hours later. That was a year ago and I still have no problem with them.

 by George
Closing Account

This site might be OK for some as long as you are betting and they have your money. Don't try ever to close your acct it will cost you $55.00 or $45.00 penalty depending on which route you choose for refund. I have been trying to get my money back for over 5 years. They claim they have 121 positive reviews but only show you 38. I'm going to the BBB for the second time, understand we are only talking about $68.00 refund, how much do you have at stake. They claim their rating is 4.8%, I'm going to check this out with the BBB. Please find another means of betting there are tons of good quality sports betting companies out there. Switch now!

 by Shawn Giella
Payout completed without issue

2nd Update on 14th February 2022: Payout was completed without issue. Took them 12 hours to approve it but they give a 24 to 48 hour time window for this. Once approved it hit my CashApp bitcoin wallet 90 mins later. BetUs is not for the novice, if you have never used an online Sportsbook before you don't start with this one, I can't stress that enough. You have to be aware enough to go find the bonus rollover terms (they are there) or ask customer service and they will tell you but if you do neither you are in for a bad surprise come payout because they will not tell you and that is not unusual. Their rollover is the amount they are giving you plus your deposit so for me my rollover was 3x. (It can be over 10x for some sportsbook bonuses so pay attention) I deposited 100 and they gave me 10 and that made my rollover 330$ to be able to cashout. I think they will use the lack of knowledge against people which is legal, they are not alone in that. At no time during the process did I feel they were trying to rip me off and I was a brand new customer who deposited 100$ and walked away with 2528$, if they were going to screw with a certain kind of customer it would of been me. Using bitcoin made this a good experience, their other payout methods are expensive and time consuming.

Basically if you live in a State in America with legal online gambling you use a domestic book, you don't use these guys. Why would you? My takeaway is if you know what you are doing and you research their methods going in and what to expect and if you are ready it has a good chance to be a seamless experience. Once again I will say this book is not for novice gamblers. You will have many unhappy surprises. This is for their sportbook only, I wouldn't touch their casino with a 10 foot pole using your money.

Be prepared to show them the back and front of the card you use if you don't want to, either deposit with bitcoin or you will have to wait to send them a statement in a month showing them the deposit charge. Don't use a digital card as they don't have signature lines and next months statement is your only option at that point.

Be prepare to show them your ID. Has to be current and has to be front and back.

They have a janky process where they ask for your password when you call in, no one does that but I have a 15 character random character password and I rattled it off in record speed there is no way he could of written it down he could see it already and I very simply changed my password after the call just in case. Not a fan of that at all. It's weird and off-putting.

For the love of God use Bitcoin as a payout method. Download CashApp and send it there, you can send it to any account you have after that in 5 mins with a small fee.

Besides that I fleeced them and had no issues. I see nothing wrong with using them if you have some experience in the sportsbook arena and no other domestic option. If you have options or you are new to the gambling scene do not use them.

I hope this helps.

1st Update on 14th February 2022: I turned 100$ into 2528$ after the Rams won tonight over the last 2 weeks. My account is completely verified, you will jump through some hoops if you don't want to give the front and back of the card you used, at that point your only option is a bank statement showing the charge for your deposit. If you don't want to do either I am pretty sure they wont pay out. Customer service was polite as I said in the last review, giving me the info I needed quickly. I just chose a bitcoin withdrawal to my bitcoin wallet in my CashApp and it takes 48 to 72 hours. I will come back to let you know what happens.

2nd February 2022: Started with a 100$ funded via a debit card and got a 10$ Sportsbook free bet and had a good run of luck and after around 3500$ in total betting action I stopped with an account balance of 1685$ so it was a good day and I beat the rollover by quite a bit. Had to supply the usual front and back of debit card and DL which I did. It's from an account I use for betting and an account I can freeze or unfreeze the card at a push of a button. I have to wait 72 hours for my original 100$ deposit to officially clear and I am going to use the bitcoin option and have it sent to my Cashapp account where I can convert it to USD immediately. I did a ton of research on many sites such as this and it seems the bitcoin payout option is by far the fastest and least plagued by delays with many seeing funds sent in hours. All the other payout options seem to be a nightmare. Customer Service was very friendly and responded in mins when I emailed what my rollover amount was. They gave me the amount and I easily beat it. As far as I can tell if you are aware of the rollover and ask them they will give you the exact amount (it is sort of high but not the highest I have ever seen) and use bitcoin as a payout method you can more or less have a decent experience. I went ahead and put the total of my winnings on Los Angeles to win the Super Bowl if for some reason I have a payout issue I will report it here. I think a lot of the anger here is people not accustomed to high rollovers and don't know to ask (they wont tell you if you don't ask which is annoying but not unusual, they aren't your Mom they want you to lose) and the distrust of bitcoin payouts but with several apps including Cashapp you can instantly convert it to USD and send it to the account of your choice in mins. They definitely are not user friendly for the novice to be sure and I don't think they are sorry about it. We shall see what happens.

 by Glacier
Betus is horrible

Can’t even use my free play. Customer service is terrible. Literally feels like a scam. Wish I never deposited money in this garbage site.

 by BobbyJoe

Do not put ANY money into this scam! SOB'S.

 by Kirkmonster

Unfortunately, it's what you'd expect from a casino that doesn't have strict regulations like those in the US. Could you imagine if a Vegas Casino told someone that they've comped them a room but when the person tries to cash out their chips they say "sorry, you need to bet more since you accepted the free room". Hahaha, yeah, no way.

The real problem? Transparency. Rollover requirements are okay, IF (and I mean IF) it's clearly posted what that means. You would assume a "welcome bonus" or "loyalty points" or whatever is marketing money spent on you. But it's not.

Things to be aware of:

- Your Balance shown doesn't mean anything. When you try to withdraw, it will go to a "supervisor" who will look for reasons to deny you.

I made the mistake of trying to burn through my rollover by offsetting bets. No reason why not to - BetUS still gets my cut and no reason why they'd get less vs me making dozens of random bets. They let me place the offsetting bets, no problem. The Rollover amount decreased. I finally get to payday, submit the request and then am denied. They say that its against "management rules" and then proceed to RESET MY ROLLOVER. WTF!?! They've had numerous opportunities to catch it and indicate that it's not allowed, but WHY WOULD THEY when they can make more revenue.

- I signed up for the "200% Crypto" which shows a "15X Rollover" on Sports, but my $150 deposit equated to **$6,000** in Rollover. That's 40x!

- You could spend a million dollars in sports, be in the clear and then take a "loyalty" bonus to spend on casino and that will immediately lock your ENTIRE account down until that rollover is paid off.

-"Free Money" is only worth HALF of what "real" money is worth. If you deposit $100 with a "200% Deposit" and get $200 of "free money" and bet it on something that pays even odds you get paid $200... but NOT back the original $100, but it's REALLY more like betting $100 in real money.

I'm not exactly a big gambler, so whatever, but once I get ANY money I can back from them I'll be done with them and unregulated gambling as a whole.

 by Mike
Please Don’t

Don’t ever ever go to this site. They take your money, offer you a bonus and then you can never withdraw your winnings. I deposited 100 dollars. Won a bet. Tried to withdraw and was told I need to gamble 3500 more before I can withdraw my money.

 by Real User

BetUS should never be used. Never take the bonus deposit. You will be subject to the most ridiculous hidden contract ever. You will never ever get your money from these goons. Thank goodness all of US will be legal by 2024. Never use BetUS. Worst ever and thankfully they be out of business soon.

 by Marton Szabo

BetUs is a 'legal' scam. You definitely will lose money on this site. Huge scam, stay away from this. You can deposit, but not withdraw. 100% deposit bonus is also fake.

 by TD

I signed up for BetUS, made a deposit using a credit card. Received a phone call the next day from my assigned BetUS account manager. He asked me to send a photo of my drivers license and front/back of the credit card or I wouldn’t be paid out for any requested withdrawals. Red Flag! Why would this betting site want a photo of the back of a credit card? It’s because they want to see your signature. I refused to send the photos and I refused to give them my account password. I asked for a refund, and was denied without giving my account password. Less than 10 minutes after ending the phone call, I received a phone call from my credit card company’s Fraud Department. Someone had just tried to purchase Amazon gift cards. This betting site is shady AF! Go elsewhere, and for those of you who think using your crypto is a safe option, “absolutely not!” There is no quality control here, just a bunch of crooks, looking for victims to buy their snake oil.

 by George
Once I Won They Closed My Account

Deposited once lost, deposited $700 more, ran it up to $2k which is only like 2 x what i deposited altogether. Next day they said that all my winning wagers were errors and my losers were legitimate correct wagers. So they adjusted my balance and it was negative. I didn't even have $700 of losers after my last deposit, so how could I be negative? So basically they just let you deposit and if you happen to win they'll close your account.

 by Texas
Casino / Withdrawals

Ok first off only deposit using Bitcoin and don't accept any bonuses. This is the only way you can get a payout without waiting forever or being mad because all the bonuses have requirements. After you get your payout do not play in the casino. You will lose and lose fast even if you bet small.

 by Chip

Scam site. I did a charge back and now some guy is calling me threatening me!

 by Aaron

This site is sketchy. BetUS uses random transaction names/locations when withdrawing money from your account. My bank provider flagged and refunded money to my account. They also withdrew more money than they were supposed to. Someone from BetUS called me in a threatening tone demanding that I pay them their money back. The joke is on them because I have the phone conversation recorded.

 by Avh
Betus Chargebacks

I am in a major dispute with them currently and might have to resort to a chargeback since my deposit with them was via credit card. Has anyone ever done a chargeback with them? If so how did that go? I assume the only thing they can do to you is close your account right?

2nd Message: If I do a chargeback what can they do to me? They have all my info, email, cell, address etc? Should I be worried about any of that? Anyone have any experience with it? What was the consequences other than account closure.

3rd message: Thanks for response. Do you have any users on here that have had any experience with them and chargebacks? Their customer service is so awful and they really are being shady in this situation. It’s a lot of money also. I want to be fair but they are not handling the situation well. Chargeback is a last resort but just want to see what other people’s experience has been with chargebacks. Has anyone charged back to BetUS, if so what was their response?

Yes, you could charge back via your credit card company. Best to say you don't recognize the transactions at all and they'll charge back and issue you a new card. If you say that you are in dispute with these crooks it won't be so straightforward. Yes, BetUS will close your account, but you'd be mad to want to keep it open anyway. You can charge back all the deposits you made. As to your 2nd message: They could pester you on the phone. They'll be used to getting loads of charge backs and they should take it on the chin. There is nothing legal they can do. It's your call.

 by Chris
BetUS Reneges on Replay

I reloaded in early September in conjunction with a free replay on a wager up to $500. I lost and when I called to get the credit, I was told that it would take a week to research? I never heard back, called and left repeated messages for my account rep, Drake, who then told me a series of conflicting rules on the wager about moving the line (not allowed and I hadn't done so) and then offered to give me a $50 free play? I told him that I wager for fun and that being screwed by a service provider that I'd used for 10+ years and pushed five figures thru wasn't fun and that I wouldn't ever reload with them again and I'd be sure to let people know what happened to me. I'd had good experiences with these folks in the past but I think that the increased competition has them just burning their customers to try to avoid making payouts (which will only accelerate their decline).

 by Cecil
Speak no English when you request a payout from betus

This so called online gaming site is nothing more than a pie in the sky shady low life Ponzi scam of gambling and should be banned from ever accepting a bet on a cockroach race. It boggles my mind that are allowed to operate online and continue to run the shadiest business on the internet. With that being said hopefully there are agencies around the world listening to the voices of the people that have unfortunately had the displeasure of having had to deal with the lower than life scum that is BetUS and will shut it down and send as many people to prison as they can.

 by Chris

Even if you are a small wager bettor, if you start winning they refund your winning bet. Check your past wagers. I saw wrong results on past plays. Not surprised to see a bad review. The floor manager Lester is a great person. Sorry to see he works for BetUs.

 by Sandy
Fraud Business

This website is a bunch of thieves. They do not do payout. Even if you request for payout. A lot of headaches and trouble playing with these clowns. All you do is give them donations of your money. People, do not play with BetUS. This business deserves below any stars - fraud business.

 by Leo
Shady website

This morning, I placed wagers and a parlay. I check it later during the day after all my teams won and the website all of a sudden has no record of my bets?! Then when I try to talk to someone, they give me a phone number that I have to call and they don't answer. Now I wanna pull the rest of my money out and cut my losses but it's giving me a hard time doing that. F*** this website....

 by Jane Doe
Big Scam: Don’t Be Fooled

In August of 2021, BetUS mailed out a fancy Sports Digest booklet, right before the NFL Season. BetUS uses retired NFL player Warren Sapp as their spokesperson. After, I filled out their application to open an account. I kept receiving an email to send a copy of my drivers license and photos of the front and back of a credit card. What!? I decided to give my assigned manager "Karla" a call. When I called, I was asked for my players account number (I gave it) the next question I was asked, “what is your password.” (Huh?) RED FLAG! When I replied, I don’t remember. I was met with a barrage of insults. I have since canceled the credit card I used and have moved on. Warning: Do Not Use BetUS!

 by Brad
Slime Balls

I put in for a payout. I talked to four different people. They wanted to charge a fee or pay you in crypto currency. Luckily I was a new customer had the debit card cancelled. The last idiot I talked to was threatening to call me every day and put me on their collection dept. Ha Ha, stay away from these slime balls.

 by Doesn't Matter

I've used betus for like 8 years now and never had a problem with withdrawals. If you read all the comment which I nearly did, you'll see 90% of them have to do with low budget / low vibration people making $50-200 winnings on like $25 free play bets or people who have issues with moneygram which is probably the worse way to cash out any kind of money. If this is the kind of betting you do why would you expect a website to give you any kind of priority. Just my thoughts. But as a busy owner myself I really don't give two figs about $50 bets lol. Go big or wait in line. The world ain't fair peeps.

 by Tom
Avoid At All Costs

This place was, is and always will be untrustworthy. Stay far away from these scammers. No or slow pay and they try to keep your winnings.

 by Bmack

I joined one day and the next two days I received four phone calls that I didn’t answer. I’m sure they were sweating me for a deposit. Strictly speaking if they have that thirsty high don’t wanna do business with a boiler room like betus.

 by Anon
Insane Rollover Reqs + Impossible Payout

I was an avid Bovada/Bookmaker user and was just curious what else was out there so joined BetUS. BetUS rollover requirements are insane compared to any other book. Not only in amount, but the types of bets are insanely restrictive (e.g. no live bets?). They have live bets of course, but those do not contribute to the rollover amount? Also, they are set at like 30x for sports compared to the usual 5 or 10x for Bovada and Bookmaker (depending on bonus). Had my fun, tried to withdraw...I am on day 20(!) of requesting payout, having been told "funds are released", and without payment. Contrast with Bookmaker (literally within 1 hour via crypto and no fees on credit card deposits if that is your thing) or Bovada (usually within an hour as well with multiple cryptos to exchange too). Honestly embarrassed I even made an account with BetUS - look elsewhere.

 by Shoving Checks
Blatant Cheaters

I opened an account in late January, and deposited $500 via bitcoin, and received a bonus. I bet a decent amount throughout February, March and April, and was probably about breakeven when I achieved my rollover requirement.

I will admit the rollover requirement is not clear and obvious, and you must ask a rep what the number actually is. But that's not even the worst part about this terrible sportsbook.

During May/June, I had quite a nice run betting on both soccer and tennis. One morning I woke up to put in my bets for the day, and I noticed that I could not bet more than $25 on any individual soccer bet. I immediately knew I had been limited - I emailed them to confirm, and they told me I had a $25 limit placed on my account for all soccer bets, and that would not be lifted in the foreseeable future.

Whatever. I still didn't have a limit on tennis and other sports I would bet on from time to time. So I continued doing my thing, focusing more on tennis, and maxing out soccer bets when I could. Fast forward a few weeks to just a few days ago and what they are doing now is downright hilarious. I can't help but laugh at the tactics they will resort to "ban" winning players without actually banning them.

Basically, this is how my BetUS experience goes. I find a weak line on a tennis match (there are plenty of them). I place my wager and click submit. After a loading screen of 30-60 seconds (my bets used to process immediately), I get notified that the line has been changed - sometimes substantially. Occasionally, they will move the line a bit, but there will still be value. So I try again, willing to take the small haircut on my value in order to get money down. The same thing happens - loading screen, then another notification that the same line has now moved TWICE in the span of a few minutes when I coincidentally tried to bet into it.

I'm not even sure if it's cheating, but surely they are using my information to set bait lines and ultimately move them when I go to bet them. They most likely have me profiled down to a tee - they know what I bet on, when I bet, how often, what I had for breakfast, etc. I imagine some poor soul is assigned to watch players like me 24/7 - I hope that guy gets out and finds a better gig before this house of cards comes crumbling down. Warren Sapp should be ashamed to represent such a fraudulent operation.

Needless to say, I will be taking my betting elsewhere. Avoid this book like the Bubonic Plague if you are a profitable bettor. You are not welcome in the halls of the online sportsbook known as BetUS.

 by Todd Miller

I have used this site since around January of this year. Seemed like a great site, solid odds and very user friendly. All seemed good. Well, just like with any site I started with $25-$50 dollars. Well, I did pretty well during March Madness and started to grow my account to around $100. Started betting on baseball and grew the account to around $496. Told my wife, when I get close to $500 I will cash it out. So the day came and I called to cash it out. They told me you can cash out max $400 via Moneygram. Which didn't seem like a huge deal because it would still leave me roughly $100 to bet. Then he got to looking and started to claim that I won all that money off a "free" $25 they gave me so all the earnings was not real money and could not be cashed out. After him and I went round and round, I asked for a manager. He said he was the manager then told me the manager didn't want to talk to me because he would just tell me the same thing. He then tells me it will be an hour or two wait time for a manager. Then they hang up on me. So I call back, next guy gives me the same type of run around. This happens 4 times. Finally, I get a woman on the phone and I just tell her to just cash it out. She tells me, well it has to be over $100 to cash out with Moneygram. And with the 35 moneygram fee I wouldn't be able to cash out. I said the heck with it, just send me a check. She said no I can't there is a 55 dollar fee to send a check. The only way I could cash out is through some type of crypto currency. Needless to say, I will not be betting with BetUS here again. Scam, liars, piss-poor customer service and false advertisement.

 by TG
Scams Want Documents That Don't Exist

Do not ever use a card. Only Bitcoin. If you try and withdraw, they will tell you they want all these docs for your card. I friggin used a prepaid credit card that you pay in installments so I didn’t have “bank records” and crap. I even used Bitcoin too. They just keep asking for the same thing. They’re trash.

 by eb
They make no sense

I have not placed a bet since the Super Bowl. I wanted to bet Euro 2021. Since I ask my bank to remove my CC and issue me a new one. The gambling site refuses to remove my old CC number and asks me for my bank statement. I cannot place a bet until that is complete. Makes no sense and I'm not a big gambler. I can live without jumping thru their hoops. Plus they're not an American company. Why Congress let them put US in their name. No rating.

 by K. Chancellor

They will screw you over and over and over again. Do not trust these Canadians and Costa Ricans. They are scams and don’t want to pay out.

 by Donna Brock
A disappointing mess

I just recently opened an account with BetUS and I wish someone had shot me first. When I opened the account I was not told about all the bullcrap and hoops you have to jump thru to get a small payout. I didn't realize that when I deposited $125.00 that I was in some kind of bonus so they said I cannot get a payout until I bet $2,309.00 in bets. They finally took me off that program so I requested a payout again. I was told I had not uploaded appropriate documents. I have done so 3 times. I had to send a front and back copy of my bank card and drivers license. When I requested this payout they said I had to upload the same documents again. My only options for a payout is bitcoin or bank wire. I had to choose bank wire. Now I have to send voided checks and bank statements. Do they need this money more than I do? It is a scam. If I get my money it will be a miracle.

 by John
Blackjack is rigged

I have been playing blackjack at casinos for over 40 years. The probabilities that BetUS has a 20 is a six sigma event. Their blackjack is rigged.

 by Danny M
It worked for me?

I joined BetUS with $100 and took the bonuses. I rolled them over after a few days and ended up with $1400 in my account. I requested a payout via bitcoin which was pending for a while and then I was getting frustrated because previous books deduct the funds within minutes to an hour. I then placed a bet and therefore had less money in my account than my requested payout. Within minutes of my balance dropping lower than the payout request, the payout was immediately denied. This made me irritated as it seemed like they sat there and ignored my request until I didn’t have the full requested amount in my balance and then quickly jumped to decline it. Then I read all of this and I was a bit scared that this money was a lost cause. I put in another for $1000. Well, about 2.5 hours later the funds were deducted and the request was marked as paid. This is pretty exciting news for me, but I’ll keep you posted on when the funds actually hit my bitcoin wallet. If it happens the same day, then I see no problem with the book, but I would still take caution and read the rest of the reviews here.

UPDATE: Well, just after posting the above I received my bitcoin payout into my cash app! I understand they’ve had many issues in the past from the sounds of it, but honestly I’m pretty happy (surprised too) with this book. I’ve got some balance left in there that I’ll play with and go from there, but first payout was a success!

 by Eric M
Avoid At All Costs

This is the worst customer service I have ever seen in my 20 plus years of online gambling. Avoid them at all costs. I have been hung up on multiple times and when I ask for a supervisor they don't exist. Also a major red flag is their rollover is not calculated and shown on their website, which means they can and will manipulate your rollovers so you will never get paid.

 by Anonymous
$45 outrageous wire fee

$45 wire fee is uncalled for. Go somewhere else. Calling Customer Service is worthless. Do not use them.

 by SmarterThanThePoons
Greasy lowlife scumbags

They don't even deserve one star. All people involved with those hucksters are garbage. I won over $1300 and they won't pay me "because of my rollover on freeplay", however, none of my winning bets were on freeplay money. If I hadn't taken the freeplay, it would just be another excuse why I couldn't get paid. Their "customer service lady" was some cold can of tuna that barely spoke English and didn't give a damn about me getting ripped, obviously. I said I wanted to talk to her supervisor, and after pretending that was impossible, the worthless wench put me on hold to go "talk to him". Two seconds later she said he basically said I could f*** off. I called her on her BS. I'm going to do nothing but prank call them 20 times a day for the next year and flood them with threatening emails.

 by Oilman

Don’t use free play. They will keep your winnings and then use the excuse that you need to wager more than $1000 before they will pay $150 in winnings. Complete joke. Might be worth a trip to Costa Rica to find these clowns, shouldn’t be too hard with their bad reputation.

 by Steve Pursel
Won't Pay

Tried to withdraw money, took 40 minutes of BS, then got an email asking for a copy of card I used to deposit - supplied, no response. Asked to close account, no response. Horrible.

 by Scammed at Christmas
Beware of the scam!

Trust me when I say this company is as sleazy as it gets. My husband and I bet on the sportsbook and won 1,400.00 we decided to withdraw with the upcoming Christmas season and buying presents for our 10 month old granddaughter. We were told it would take 3-5 business days for the wire. We are now on day 14 and you can say Christmas was impossible because of this scamming, Godless company. We can and get the run around every time. Do not give them your money! They scam you and that are run by dirty people. They will answer to their evil, lies and stealing from families. This company is awful I would give them -10 stars if I could. There are no happy endings with BetUs. Save your time, worry and hard earned money.

 by MH

Slots never win, in fact, I haven't won a dime in years . . . payout has been hell. Payouts should be as easy as when money is taken. BetUS site sucks big time. No big hits on any slots, live roulette never goes for you, how are they in business?

 by Al
Trouble Cashing Out

0 stars. Turned 1k into 7k after a week of betting. I tried to cash it out through bitcoin. When I entered all the info the website wouldn’t let me press the “submit payout” button. I called customer service several times and got no help. I sent emails and tried the live chat, but apparently they “don’t discuss payout info on emails or live chat”. Mind you this was after my account was verified. Trash book. Stick to the trusted ones like Bovada. Wish I woulda seen this page before I signed up for BetUS.

 by Dillion

The worst sports betting site ever. The worst customer service as well. When you want to withdraw money they make up a million reasons why you can’t.

 by Sly
Haven’t Had Problem with BetUS

I just started using them about a month ago. Since using them I’ve never used their bonuses or anything, just my own cash. Yesterday I asked for a payout and the customer service was good. It wasn’t any long wait times to talk to a customer service agent as well as everyone spoke pretty good English. They walked me through every step to get my payout and it finally hit my account after a couple of hours. The biggest thing I didn’t like is that it’s just too much of a process to get the money in a sense. Why can’t it just be a simple direct deposit?! The other problem I see is why don’t they have an actual app? Why do I have to go to the website every time? Other than that I haven’t had a problem with them.

 by Robert
Bitcoin Scam

They told me they would pay me out with Bitcoin. I said I don't think so. My only other option was to pay a $55 fee and they would send me a check. Wanted to kick that ass! Got the check. It's from a bank in Quebec. Going to take at least a month to clear with $100 fee. Betus is a total rip off. If I ever find out where these people are, they ain't gonna like seeing me.

 by Ray
Not Sure What To Do...

Hi, I recently joined BetUS with a $2400 deposit. After a week or so of betting I am up $1600 and around $4000 in balance - however, I received a message that my original deposit never went through a week after I had attempted the deposit. I checked my bank account and sure enough they had blocked it. I was confused why they waited a week to tell me that it never went through and why they preauthorized it and gave me $2400 to work with, if it didn't go through. Anyway, now they are asking for me to tell my bank not to block it and pay the original $2400 and that my winnings will stay safe. However, at this point, I looked up reviews and found many disappointing reviews calling BetUS a scam. Not really sure what to do anymore.

Our only advice is: Don't trust them.

 by John Doe
Horrible Site

As if their site wasn't bad enough, now their blackjack through a third party vendor because flash is going away in December freezes constantly. You delete cookies/caches you come back your money from the hand you were playing is wiped out gone. Totally the worst gambling site ever. We all already know getting a payout is like a man giving birth this just adds to the list. I would recommend suicide before I would recommend joining this site. Obviously I would give 0 stars if that were an option.

 by Dean Davis
Bad Customer Service

Calls me all the time, even though I told them to stop. Did a 100.00 deposit to try them out. Wish I would have found this site earlier. Even though it's only 100.00 I feel like I've lost it no matter if I win or lose my bets. But the disrespect to keep blowing up my phone? I will never do further business with any company like that, a sportsbook or anything else.

 by JoJoFinnaBall
BetUS is great!

Like any business you go to you will always run into problems. Sometimes the problem is a misunderstanding or someone's personal service. In the past 20 years I found BetUS to be a great company to deal with. They have so many different ways to bet and they are always intuitive and up to date with technology. It's great for recreational bettors. They have had issues with bad employees in the past but that's all cleaned up. Bonus Tip: You can accept the freeplays and bonuses. They expire after 30 days and if you never use them you won't be held to the terms of the bonuses. A lot of people don't know this which means they didn't read the terms. Good luck in all your action.

This is obviously from a BetUS owner or senior staff. We strongly advise you do not accept any of their bonuses as they are used as an excuse to rip you off. We recommend taking this review with a pinch of salt. Note to BetUS staff members: This is the last 'fake news' review we will accept from you.

 by Jeff
Too scummy for me

They're fine until you win a decent pot. Then they won't payout. They want you to deposit a large sum before they'll do anything. Sorry, no thanks. Left my balance in there. Too scummy for me.

 by Aaron
Just a straight up scam

You're probably looking for positive reviews about this place, but it's just some sketchy company that pays out maybe 10% of the people that request a payout. Call your bank and ask them to charge back the money.

 by Tata

I have been betting with BetUS for over 20 years, not once have I encountered any sort of problem, in fact they paid me over $50,000 over the years, every penny paid to me, all this stuff I'm reading about they don't pay is a lie.

Thanks for the feedback. And you work for . . .

 by David

This site cannot be trusted. I deposited $100 just to see if they were legit. They charged an additional $1000 on my card. Total scam.

 by Chris
BetUS is the worst thing ever

BetUS is true scam I don’t even know how they are still in business. Customer comes last they just want your money and when it’s time to payout they give you a hard time and don’t even payout. I deposited 500 dollars and in about one month I got it up to 2000, about one week before that a free bet from them pops up and I take a 25 dollar free bet. I didn’t think nothing of it because it was a free 25 dollar bet and I played it. So when I went to call to cash out my 2000 they told me because I took the free bet there was terms and conditions saying the most I can get paid out is 125 dollars which is 5 times the 25 dollar free bet and I told them I did not see no terms and conditions when I took the free bet and the guy said it’s there. I lost the free bet too. So I was like ok so then if the max I can cash out is 125 what happens to the rest of the money from the 2000 and he tells me I lose everything. I was like come on, are you serious that’s not fair and the right thing to do. And they also give you a hard time paying you out telling me just take the bitcoin which in my state of Hawaii we can’t even use bitcoin and then I ask for the other payout method and you gotta fill out this form where every time you fill it out it always says your missing info which I am not. I just don’t even bother with them anymore the worst thing is I lost the 500 dollars I deposited and worked hard to bring it up to 2000. BetUS is a scam and karma happens to people that do this kind of stuff. Please do not ever bet with BetUS there is much way better betting sites out there . . . BetUS is the worst thing ever.

 by Fred
Never Take A Bonus / Free Play

They suck you in with basically automatic bonuses. If you are going to play here call up and decline all bonuses, otherwise don't waste your time. You will lose your winnings back before you beat the stacked rollover requirements. Then if by some stroke of good chance you do win, good luck getting a payout.

 by Leroy
Inside BetUS

I worked for BetUS for two seasons. The way they do payouts, they cut one budgeted check per month. When that money runs out, no more payouts for that month. Usually runs out 10 to 14 days before end of the month. Their management style is toxic, hostile, pure greed. Cut our commission from 1.0 - 3% to 0.33 - 1%. Robbed Costa Rican employees of millions in social security & retirement pension payments, while profiting tens of millions a year. Customer comes last. If you want a payout, request early in the month, cross your t's, dot your i's and don’t cross BetUS. Highly recommend don't work or wager with BetUS.

 by Austin Kile
Terrible Sportsbook. Absolute Scam. Do Not Payout.

This sportsbook is a joke. How are they still in business? I do not recommend BetUS. If you want to get your money stolen then go right ahead. Moneygram stalls for days on end. Checks bounce and they recommend bitcoin because they stall transactions and pay you when the market drops dramatically. Most places process the same day with different payment methods. Different time frame every time you talk to a representative. They cannot even keep up with their own lies. I’ll be charging back every single transaction I’ve made with them. Not a single thing online sportsbooks can do about it anyway lol. They are running a scam so why not mess them right back? I do not care. If you have lost money with this site, please feel free to charge back your transactions because their hands are tied and they know it. Please get your money back - I hate seeing people like this take advantage of customers. Hope everyone takes there hard earned money right back from these crooks. Take care people and go to hell BetUS, lol.

 by Onur
Don't go there. They are scam.

I started to use that website and first of all they force you to deposit by bitcoin. Then they told me to use Moneygram and they told me process going to take up to 45 mins but usually faster. Anyway I send the money and called them and gave the numbers. It has been over 2 hours and I haven't seen the money. I called them several times first they said Moneygram process start after 11am (they never told me before sending the money). Then they said I am going to see the money in my account in 10 to 20 mins. Now they are telling me system is down and they cant give me exact time to approve transaction. It has been more than 2 hours and haven't seen the money plus customer service is super rude. Stay away from Betus website.

 by CUFootball

Betus payout. You just have to give them your information but that's kind of standard now for most online sports books. Years ago they would hassle you at times about a pay out but within the last 5 years zero issues with them what so ever. Anyone who says they don't pay they are full of rubbish. With that being said when you deposit NEVER take the bonus. There is a lil dot you can select NO BONUS when depositing. Trust me, I’ve laughed at friends who were bitching about having to roll so much money over before they could cash out due to taking the bonus. They obviously didn’t read the fine print. They will pay you out via bank wire after you’ve submitted your information to them. I only sports bet on there, never take a bonus. If you are willing to use any online casino for anything other than sports then you’re kind of a dumbass. Obviously those other games are a way to take your money. Bet on sports on any of these sites, don't use any casino games.

 by Jeff Danies

This company cheats players constantly in its casino games. They are totally rigged and have a reputation for setting a code in its game to let the dealer win after a few plays. I am a computer programmer out of Detroit and have ran the system constantly for several players who play on this site and the same results have come up. They will be closed soon for this. Keep an eye.

Hi Jeff, BetUS has been rogue for many years. Who is going to close them? They answer to nobody.

 by Lane

Do not use BetUSRacing. I hit a $2200 jackpot in their casino and the game stopped working and I never got paid but it shows up in my account history but I never had access to the money. When I called them they told me it’s just a glitch in their system and would not pay. Do not use this place stay away. They don’t deserve a star.

BetUSracing (now possibly called BUSR) and BetUS are actually different operators and not connected, even though they share almost identical names.

 by Mike
The Worst

This place is the worst. Nobody speaks good English. The BetUS website is always down. I made a deposit yesterday and it was taken out of my account and they never gave me my credit. They call you all day to ask if you want to deposit money. Don't use them.

 by Steve
Missing Funds

I recently logged in to my BetUS account to find my $148.75 balance was zero. Tried customer service who insisted I lost it in the casino. Not! Checked my history just to be sure. Never visited their website on the date they said I lost my cash. WTF? Unreal. A $150 learning experience! Covid probably has them getting creative for cash flow. Low lifes.

 by Ross Ferguson

I tried to make my first withdrawal. The choices are cryptocurrency or a bank wire (for a $45 fee). Not dealing with cryptocurrency, this is very inconvenient. I went down the bank wire road. It was a very tedious form asking for everything from ss # to grandmother's eye color. Once through that, which I didn't complete, they would want submission of bank statements, drivers license, etc. for "proof of identity". I may move forward with it, but if this is what it takes to make a single withdrawal every time, I will try another betting site.

 by Rick
Crazy Rollover Requirements

They gave me a $25 dollar casino chip to use in their casino and somehow I turned it into about $500. So I met the rollover requirements for that bonus. So I started playing in the sportsbook and grew my balance to about $850. Just to see what would happen before I got too far with them I requested a payout of $200. Come to find out I would have to wager another $4000! I chatted with them and said why hasn’t the rollover been met, turns out I made a deposit 11 months prior and even though I had lost the money they still won’t payout until all the rollovers are met from previous deposits. I’ve used other books and any time you lose your deposit and bonus the rollover is complete. Total scam and I’m so glad that I didn’t waste any of my own money here except that initial deposit from a year ago. The way the rollovers work makes it extremely hard to complete, read the fine print. Steer clear of any bonus BetUS offer because you’ll never see any winnings because of the ridiculous requirements.

 by AL
BetUS Will Pay

I like that they do payout, but if you win some money they will lower your limit to 50$ or lower per bet. That is just wrong, pretty much saying we want you to lose, but i have never had a problem collecting all of my money, via bank wires, but it is time to move on from Betus. I can't bet more than 50$ per game, I'm out. I keep seeing people say Betus does not pay, listen that is just not true, sometimes if a bank wire takes a little long, you may get worried but nothing to worry about, my suggestion is to get an account manager like I had. He takes care of all your deposit and collecting issues. Now I will be the first to say I do not like the way they operate. You win and they crush your wagering limit to 50$ or below, but as far as collecting, you will get paid, unless you are playing funny games with them.

 by Manny
Bad Experience

Yes, I made the stupid mistake of my life. I opened an account made 100 dollars deposit. I made some bets and $88.35 profits - I was so happy. My nightmare started went I tried to collect my winnings. They really rip you off. My balance was $188.35 - that was my 100 deposit and 88.35 profits. I asked for the full amount but they refused. The only amount they agreed to return was my 100 deposit and that is going to take 7-10 business days to get my money. I am still worried to get my deposit back. My question - is there any law to stop these people ripping people off?

Not much you can do I am afraid. BetUS are not regulated by any meaningful authority.

 by Bill
Worst Customer Service

This is the worst site that I have ever come across when betting. The withdrawals are impossible to get if you take any kind of bonus. Customer service so unhelpful. It's a scam.

 by Brian
Never Pay Out

Always some new stipulation, you can never withdraw. They are crooks.

 by Alex
No Payouts

No payouts. Only deposits.

 by Raffi
Bad business

I joined Betus many years ago but didn't use the account in at least 10 years. A couple of months ago I decided to try a little casino action and made a BTC deposit for $400. Over the next week I made several more deposits and lost them all quickly playing blackjack. I'm an experienced blackjack player and not a conspiracy theorist. I can tell you though that there is no way Betus casino software is fair. I played sessions where the dealer had 14 natural blackjacks in 10 minutes of play, sessions where dealer had a face card for the up card 10 hands in a row. After 8 deposits I was not ahead one single session. Take me to Vegas and no chance will I lose 8 sessions in a row. I emailed Betus letting them know I think their software is rigged and to disable my ability to deposit and play casino. They ignored my 1st email and in fact replied to it with a deposit bonus for casino use. I sent them three more secure messages within their site plus emails asking them to disable my account so I can't deposit and lose more money. A week later in a moment of weakness I logged on and was able to deposit $400 and then lose it within a few minutes in the casino. In fact that session I barely even won a single hand. I was annoyed at myself but I was also annoyed at Betus. Isn't imposing a self ban for these exact reasons, so gamblers can't be tempted and lose money they cant afford. I wrote to Betus and told them I should be refunded that $400 as I shouldn't of been able to deposit it. I have now emailed them four times regarding this and of course no reply. Betus doesn't care about their customers or if a person is losing money they cant afford. Even the shadiest of casinos will disable an account if the player imposes a self ban. Not Betus though. They see you as a mark and they want to take every penny they can from you. I would stay away from this site.

 by Tony
Never Get Paid

If I could leave no stars I would, but moral of the story is they told you they will MoneyGram the money in 24 to 72 hours which was a crock of lies. Just 72 hours came up then they said the weekend was involved. I don't see how an online gambling place in Costa Rica takes off for the weekends when all the games are on the weekends. They lied and said another 72 to 48 hours then it says on my account that it's paid and he said you already got your money, which was another lie. I'm having the hardest time to get a lousy 190 bucks from them. You never get paid from these people. If you want to spend money just go ahead send it to me and I'll give you the best odds in the country if somebody else is -7pts then I'll give you plus 17pts because, guess what, even if you win you are still not going to get paid. BetUS are conmen and scam artists.

 by Joey Johnson
Complete Scammers

My god they must make so much money ripping people off, I have no idea how they cannot be stopped. I deposited over $3k over the course of a few months, stupid I know. I played some slots, horrendous, money right down the drain and just stupid since they're not regulated at all, a complete scam. I actually won at sports betting though and got my account up to $5400. One day I logged in and it was at .34. My heart dropped. They said I spent it in the casino, which I did NOT do. No resolution, told them to send me my history etc. Just stole my money. Trying to get a lawsuit together to shut these complete scammers down.

 by Shane
They suck beyond belief.

Can I give them no stars? They won’t give you a timely payout if you can even get one at all. Asked for my ID five different times and two of the ID’s I sent they refused to accept even though they were state issued. They they wanted a picture of the credit card then they seen a business name so they wanted documents showing I owned the business. Then they wanted more ID and the quality wasn’t good enough. Biggest joke ever these guys are complete trash don’t use them !

 by Screwed
No payout

Only option for withdraw is bitcoin, wire transfer with a minimum withdraw of 500.00 or echeck. With echeck you must submit all of your banking information and even upload a check. USBet is the worst of the worst. Total scam.

 by Jerome Nichols

Good Evening - I’m here to report a fraud of a book making site called BetUs. Over the past four days I’ve been given the run around on obtaining a payout and my displeasure have prompted me to dictate this complaint. BetUs makes it easy to make deposits and place wagers quick, fast and efficient, however, to get your winnings you have to jump through unnecessary hoops which is disheartening. BetUs is going to give you every excuse in the book and make you open cash app, Jaxx liberty, purchase Bitcoins and all of this other garbage then tell you they’re closed for evening when it’s time to get your cash. I do not recommend this site for anyone looking to place a wage and receive a quick and responsible payout. My experience have been dreadful.

 by John
Payout Reversed

Recently had their check reverse out of my bank account three weeks after putting it in. Just an absolute mess for me.

 by Corey
Big Time Scam

Got scammed not once but twice! First time deposited $700 bumped it up in 3 days to $2800 called to cash out and they said I have to wait until the morning to cash out because I didn’t want to cash out using bitcoin. Woke up the next morning and my account had $0.39. Called to see where my money went and they said I spent it all on 1 hand of blackjack. I told them look at my betting history I never played blackjack. I only play craps, and slots. They said I was going to receive a call from a higher department, waited 2 weeks never got a call, called back and they blocked my number. Called from other phones and when I say my name or account number they hung up. Basically took a total loss with my account. My wife then opened her own account just recently without me knowing, she deposits $500. Bumps that up to $1400. Then calls to withdraw it, and 2 days later there’s $0.17 in her account and they said she spent it all on 1 hand of blackjack again! These guys are a joke, they truly need to be stopped!

 by Leftie Doran

Real problem getting my payout from these clowns.

 by Derek
Follow-Up On Previous Comment

Yes - it is in regard to a chargeback. I made one deposit for $500 and they proceeded to ask for a copy of my DL and CC or else the account would be locked. I did so and then they ran up charges on my card over 2k. I obviously reported this unauthorized activity to my CC company and they are in the process of reversing. But now “John” is calling trying to get money back they actually stole! I will be reporting the VM to police since they did threatened to cause bodily harm to me. Stay away from this website. They steal your info and use it for themselves.

 by Derek
Threatening Voicemails

Betus just called me and left a threatening VM. Saying they have some third party company within the jurisdiction of the US and they are not nice people that will show up and force me to pay. “John” said they will track me and follow me until the right opportunity arises. What type of gaming website is this? All because they illegally ran my card multiple times and I called them out on it. Terrible business and stay away. Only way they are happy is if they win or steal money from you!

I guess this is a dispute over chargebacks. If it is as threatening as you say, then you should play the voicemails to the police.

 by Mickey
Great Site

I have been a customer of the Bet US Racing site based in Costa Rica and it is a great site for sports gambling, horse racing and many other forms of wagering with excellent live betting. They also have superb customer service, large bonuses, quick pay-outs, the ability to call then chat and obtain very quick email replies. So, I give this site a five star review and recommend to anyone who needs a great sports gambling site that has everything including incredible customer service.

And the moon is made of blue cheese.

 by V
BetUS is a huge scam

Wish I could give 0 stars. Try and get a payout. It’s impossible to get dollars and not BS bitcoins. This company is in Costa Rica.

 by Joe Dirt
Just an Obvious Scam

I've played over 500 entries in their tournaments and let me give you the run through. If you like lighting money on fire they're for you. The blackjack tournaments are obvious scams. They must set them to meet a quota of profit first because there's no way they'd actually lose money on a tournament. I’ve played blackjack for over 25 years and the odds/stats of the game are nowhere in the ballpark of what actually happens in these games. They just take your money. You play 2 hands, dealer 1. Be prepared for the dealer to get blackjacks at a 2 to 1 vs your 2 hands. Don’t waste your time on this awful book. They are really hurting now that many US states have made it legal so their scam is really in force with their software. Oh and be prepared to give a kidney and jump through 1,000 hoops to get any bonus or your actual payout.

 by Wow

My goodness, I had high hopes for this company BetUS as I love to place wagers here and there. From the time I signed up they were calling me at 9:30pm while I'm trying to get to sleep. I call them to get a location of where these funds are being processed so I can notify my bank so that they don't protect me from international fraud and they tell me that they cannot tell me that information! I ask to speak to a manager all of the time and conveniently there is no one available. I try to delete my account and same excuse of not having a manager is used. To whoever from BetUS is reading this, you may want to get some outside expert tips on how to at least fake sounding like you are a professional betting outfit. Unbelievable the way each person talks to you like you are an idiot when all we want to do is give you money. So glad I didn't take the bonus or I would have had to of bet way more than I had anticipated to.

 by Rick
Won't pay out

First you have to go through innumerable hoops to try to get a payout, send it in with documents and then at the end they say you can only take out so much. It's just one obstacle after another, it's ridiculous.

 by Arron
Minus 3 Stars

This place is an absolute joke and I was an idiot thinking it may have gotten better when I made my $1,000 deposit before the NFL started. There was a 10X roll over before making a withdrawal, all good so far. Just found out that the 100% match play also requires a 10X rollover, as well as a 3X rollover on the matching free bet. Still have around 1,000 totally useless dollars in this ******* place, and only need to bet another 20K or something to "request" a payout. What a joke, stay away.

Thanks for your BetUS review and really sorry to hear of your problems with this scam outfit. Just wanted to make a point following on from what you have said for the benefit of any readers. It is a general point regarding all sportsbooks and casinos where there are rollover requirements for the "free bets" or deposit "bonuses" and "offers". Before accepting any bonus from one of these outfits, ask yourself 'do I really want the bonus?' Because if all you actually want to do is have a bet on the NFL or NBA game, then maybe skip accepting any offer or bonus. The rollover requirements can mean they are a lot more trouble than they are worth. You should always be able to refuse, opt out or not opt in to a bonus.

 by Joe
Bonus Payout

I received a 50 free play bonus from BetUS and I won $500 and they actually paid me after I had to rollover 10 times. Seems to me they need to work on the deposit and payouts more carefully and faster but over all I got a free play. They actually give you a free play every year no deposit and I got paid. I’m from US and I was very surprised by other reviews.

 by Jason
BetUs Won't Pay You

Stole $400 after only putting in $40 and they are in Costa Rica. I don't care about the money but man am I gonna bash them all over the net. Just on principle.

 by Leonard Stanley
Betus been good by me

I been a member for over 8 years. I am super surprised about the reviews on Betus. I always been paid, never been screwed, never have had a problem. I am have a lot of money and always been paid. Thousands not hundreds. I feel like other sportbooks are putting bad reviews out to help them get more people. I could be wrong but I must be honest and I have had a great relationship with I will review if things change.

 by efc
Zero Stars!

Actually Zero Stars! But to submit rating, I had to give them at least one star. Horrible experience. Tried it for the Kentucky Derby - some fun bets for my aging mom. Bitcoin is apparently the only coin of the realm for withdrawing funds. Otherwise to withdraw $US dollars they said I had to deposit more money into my account. Not a chance. Customer service is non existent.

 by Nino

I wish i could give them 0 stars. I made about $2000 and when I called them to help me with the withdrawal of my money, they blocked my account. When I try to log in it say my account is not active. BetUS scam bags are the worst. I will sue their ass.

 by Pewee

Sounds like a bunch of crybabies who don’t know how to win $. Never had a problem with Betus. Payout on time and as shown in agreement.

 by Eddie

I used to work for those guys, they are the same as Mybookie and gohorsebetting. Bunch of scammers who not only treat their customers like crap but also their employees, they set a whole bunch of obstacles for customer to withdraw funds. They even ask for you to do a verification process and claim is for legal purposes. That's bull, there's nothing legal about those guys. They hire illegal immigrants, scam the Costar Rican government and the US as well, don't waste your time and money.

 by John Doe
BetUS They Won't Pay Out

All the good reviews with 10k payout no problem or always got paid within 1-2 days are all full of BS. It's someone at Betus writing a good review. Whoever uses BetUS all I can say is say goodbye to your money and good luck.

 by Don Gallion
Stay Away

Stay away. Won't get all your money if you win.

 by Dave Keddington
Stole my $121.00

Took my money easy. Getting back my bank, no chance. Scam run away!

 by Bryan
No Problems

Apparently I am the exception here because I have never had any problems. On three occasions I turned 100 bucks into 1000 plus and got my payouts in 2 or 3 days with no problems.

 by Steve
Credit card

They recently triple charged my credit card for a 150 deposit and having a hell of a time getting it back.

 by Kim
Bet us

BetUs is a scam. They won’t pay out and have constant "server issues " which disqualify you from certain bets without payouts . I won $17,000 in casino and never saw a dime. They had me jump through hoops and never got any of it.

 by F***betus
No Money Honey

I got a 50$ free bet. Turned it to 1125$. Went for a withdrawal. They said I need to bet 1090$ because of some past rollover. So I made two 500$ bets and 100$ bet. Won all three. Then made a two team parlay for 115 and won that. Then when I called back and said I did what you asked now send me my money. They said I had 159$ rollover still and that 500$ is the max payout. And I need to deposit for the amount of money I want to keep and work a 10 times rollover. I used them about ten years ago. They did the same thing but when it was my own money. So I didn't use them anymore. Now I just remembered why. Their call service is the worst. If you have any issues and prove them wrong they just talk over you, say thanks and hang up. Seriously a bunch of low life dirt bags just doing whatever it takes to take your money and not pay out their debt, because they know there really isn't anything you can do. F***ubetus!

 by David
Denial of withdrawal

I took an initial free play of $6 with no rollover requirements from 10 years ago (2008) and turned it into $50. When I tried to withdraw, completely denied me, stating that since I accepted some newer free plays from 2018 (an additional two separate free plays) for $50 each (which lost by the way) the terms of those free plays required a $1k wager and would apply to the entire account, not just those funds. When I asked them to point out where in the terms of service that the newer lost free plays would continue to apply a rollover to the entire account they couldn't. When I asked the associate to escalate the call they lost their cool and terminated my account and took my funds with it.

 by Jack Gordons
Stay away from Betus

Please take your money somewhere else, anywhere but Betus!

 by V. LoDato Stole From Me

Don't ever trust these D-bags. They had my debit card and someone there was loading up the account using all my information and was taking small increments sporadically over two years and then someone got greedy and stole over 5k in three days for a total of over 11k plus. I only got less than half from the bank and I am suing them if they don't make my bank account right within a week. If they think they are getting away with this, they should think again. I only put one star because i cant post if i don't put at least one, they deserve -5 for what the did to me after all this time.

 by Dominic

I've take out over $30,000 over the past year. Most payouts are monthly of $2000 to $3000. Always paid within one day, each time to a gift card that in-turn is withdrawn at local atms.

 by Rick

I worked for BetUS ... you want to hear the real story? They are scumbags, I can tell you ...

Hi Rick, Thanks for your post. Please do tell us more?

 by Nick

I'd leave zero stars if I could. After weeks of back and forth, I finally got my BetUS payout through a gift card. However, when I went to use the gift card, it was declined. Then, come to find out, somehow the currency on the gift card is in Romanian Leu, rather than U.S. dollars. I mean seriously? Absolute scam artists. With all the betting sites out there, this one should be the last that people use. Horrible.

 by Jerry Rubio

Warning. Don’t make any bets with this organized South American criminal enterprise, $3K in winnings. ⭐ The entire BetUs staff are actors. This website needs to be shut down.

 by Pinto

Even one star is too much. Don't deposit money with BetUS. Their rollover its until you lose your money, almost nothing counts towards the rollover. Ridiculous.

 by Lawson Montgomery

Any sportsbook who accepts a wager and then, when that client has a string of luck and wants to get paid some of their money out of their account, the sportsbook claims you are a sharp player so therefore 'we are not paying you' -  that is a sportsbook that should be locked up and shut down. Who in their right mind would be like 'take all my money when I lose and if I win you don’t have to pay me because this is just recreational.' I hope one day somebody gives BetUS a dose of their own medicine and taps into their system and robs their asses like they do to everybody else.

 by Niki

This website is a scam. Do not use it. I was unable to get my payout. They gave me all these BS excuses!

 by Betus Blows

Have been using the BetUS website for about a year. It took them over three months to send me my gift card for payouts. Apparently They had an "issue" when I was winning. After this, I experienced another big win that took me over a month to get paid out from. If you ever use a different card on file they will happily take your money, even if it's a temporary card, but when you go to cash out, they need proof of that card! That I no longer have, that is why it's a temporary card. Asked for a supervisor and listened for a second but told me I had to take responsibility for my actions and kept cutting me off. This website is trash, I would recommend driving to Vegas or flying before ever using BetUS again.

 by Fed Up

Came up with every excuse not to payout. Complete scam company that should be shut down. Do not deposit a dime in Bet US. They refuse to pay out!

 by Stevan

Big scam. I deposit money from Skrill. Now he want from me to deposit from bitcoin, then i will get money in bitcoin!

 by Conned

Had BetUS for years doing small stuff. I bet on the Superbowl and did well. First, the payout had to be in one of three weird options. I chose the gift card and waited for 3-4 weeks. Finally got the card and tried to get my money out. Got all sorts of stories about having to bet more etc. Tried to get help with no resolve. Don't fall for their freebies. Won big, got nothing.

 by Dan

Horrible company. No pay outs unless you spend thousands of dollars. Then a charge to withdraw your mone. Scam Scam Scam! Please don't make the same mistake. $428 out the window unless I gamble more the $2300.00. Then they change the rules.

 by Don

It costs $45 to get my $253 out!? Are you kidding me? If you choose a lower cost alternative it takes 4 weeks and they give you a credit card minus $20 of what is rightfully owed to you. They are garbage and I am not using them again. There is no reason it should take 4 weeks to get paid or cost as much money as it does for their options. BetUS are just trying rake you over the coals for even more money or force you to bet more. There are plenty of other sites that don't operate this way.

 by Lawson Montgomery

They always put off sending you your money. If you win too much they try saying you're a professional and that BetUS is for recreational players only. Who in their right mind is going to let them take money and not get money?

 by Jeff

Scam! Deposited $150 and am being told I have to wager/win $1500 in order to withdrawal any amount of money. Other sites are much more user friendly and provide far better customer support. Do not use BetUS.

 by Greg Pitt

Let me start by saying that I own my own small business which employs 16 people and if any single one of them were to talk to my customers (and be as unhelpful and willingly ignorant) the way BetUs employees handled me, they would be fired on the spot. Long story short, I have been using BetUs Sportsbook for about nine years, only depositing a couple hundred here and there, as they aren't the only book I use. Last week I only had $140 left in my account, but before I made another deposit I figured it'd probably be a good idea to make a small withdrawal ($60) to ensure the process reasonable and that my money and payouts were actually legit. On Monday morning at 9am, I was told the payout would be available via MoneyGram in 48 hours; considering I was charged a $40 fee just to receive the $60, I naively believed the transaction was in essence a done deal, and would receive the measly $60 in a timely fashion. Today is Friday morning and: 1) Been told 4 different payout times now by 4 different people. 2) Was essentially told by one female employee I was an idiot for withdrawing $60 and that I'd be much better off just leaving it in my account and playing it more. 3) Was told earlier this morning I was being "rude and extremely impatient," and that now it would be at least another three more days before the money can be received. Bottom line is that if I ever actually do receive the measly $60 (again which had a $40 fee on top if it), I am going to say forget the remaining dollars in my account and never do business with the clowns again. If getting such a small amount of dollars for myself has been this big of a hassle, I truly don't envy those of you who have given these clowns much larger increments and the trouble you are going to endure if ever expecting a larger payout. Again, please learn from my experience, and never give these scumbags your money ever again!

 by Very upset

I went to make my plays today and the maximum that I could bet was $2.00. I called BetUS customer service and management told me that the risk management team had blocked me from making certain types of bets because my winning percentage was too high. They said sorry but you can still play regular spread on football. I was upset and told them I had been there for 8 years and gave them lots of my money before I became more educated and started winning some. I finally just said fine, I want to start my withdrawals today. They said sorry again but you still have $11,000 in rollover before you can withdraw. I just made a big deposit a few days ago (which is why rollover promo is so high). So I can't withdraw and I can't make plays that I am use to betting. Now I'm going to lose all of my last big deposit and all of the winnings. I now wish that I would have made some withdraws over last few weeks instead of leaving my bank roll in the account. The guy did not even sound empathetic. Sorry, I'm just really upset.

 by Peter S

When they say "free play terms and conditions" and then say "$1,633 in total action prior to any payouts," to me that means I need to bet $1633 to make the free play money eligible for payout. This statement in no way states that I need to bet $1633 to get my payout involving money I deposited. They purposely write the statement referring to "any payouts" to be able to rip people off.

 by Shawn Snelling

I just became a gold member for Betus and they deactivated my account the day I had a free play in their 2000$ tournament for gold rewards bonus. It took me 12,000$ to get to be a gold member. I was mad because they would call my house phone too often, so I emailed them saying don't even call me I will call you guys. Then they deactivated me till tomorrow and now I miss my free 2000$ tournament that I earned with my hard working money. Now today, I'm done with them. They take three weeks to get you a prepaid card and if you ever win a lot of money it can months to collect it all. Big Scam because they take advantage of gamblers. And don't ever get their bonuses because you will need to win like 2,000$ just to cash out after that.

 by Anonymous

No matter what you say on this page the idea is join Bovada or 5dimes! If you have had a good experience with Betus then your a liar or been lucky to tip toe through the rain drops. Because 5 Dimes and Bovada is who is running betusa blog.

We are independent and trying to steer people clear of trouble with bad betting sites. Both Bovada and 5Dimes could not be running this website at USAbetting as they are rival firms.

 by Max Oliver

I guess I'm the one historical winner at Betus. Three years ago I won 129k in a week. It took four months to pay me. My job every day was to cash out $1000 from the gift card at an ATM. I am surprised they paid me that much money.

Four months to pay it all is still not good!

 by Never Again!

BetUs is the biggest scam sight i've ever played on. I’ve done many through the years and never dealt with a site this bad. I wish i had done my homework before wasting my money. They tie your deposits to your bonuses, so even when you win with real funds, you can't withdraw your money. Blackjack is so rigged it's a joke. Dealer pulls 20's and blackjacks at 4x the rate that players do. But just as soon as you're about to be cleaned out, all of a sudden you start getting winning hands like crazy. It always seems to give you just enough good hands at just the right times to make it look legitimate. Couldn't be farther from the truth. Avoid this site at all costs!

 by Charles

Last year I withdrew $1200, they said the card should be at my house within a week. Did not show and I had used up my $1200 on the 5th week, I was like 'the hell with it.' The card did show up in my mailbox four days later. They did this on purpose. Stay away as far as possible from BetUS. Go with Bovada never had any problems with them and been with them for 11+ yrs.

 by Oscar

I won a large parlay on BetUS, it was over 10k. I had an account with them prior for the past 10 years but only played small maybe 50-100 bucks each year and never was lucky enough to be up much until this year. Well I never setup my cash out method and when I called to cash out I was told that I needed to present them with the needed ID and deposit proof. I sent it in and was suggested the best method of payout would be by the debit card method. The guy on the phone said he would set me up for it and it will take about three weeks to get it out. I was also told that since I took part in the bonus I still needed to wager another 540 bucks or so. I thought I cleared it since I played the casino but the casino supposedly is its own thing when applying to the bonus on sports. I played three wagers for $250 each and won two of the three. Now in the meantime while waiting I decided to google how the payouts work and came across this USAbetting site and I began to worry after reading all these horror stories. I almost began to freak out after 30 days which was more than the three weeks that the operators told me it would take, but with the Holidays I said I would give it a full 21 business days before freaking out. The debit card came, and I asked the operators to withdraw the maximum I could at a time to the card. They told me they can move 3k a day from the account to the debit card at the fee of 2%. They also could setup an auto transfer for each of the following days if I wanted and that the card would have the full 10k and change on it by day four. The only issue on my end was that you can only pull 1k out per day from the debit card and at the cost of ATM fees plus a $5 transaction fee. I do warn any of you who decide to use this card like a credit/debit card for small store purchases do not or you will get hit with a $5 fee for each transaction. Also I found it almost impossible to use it for online charges, I tried it over the week or so I had money on the card. Also you can only withdraw in $500 max increments, so each day if you wanted to be the most efficient at withdrawing capital you would be hit with the ATM fee and two card transactions of $5 plus the $60 2% fee for every 1k. It came out to cost me around $90 for every 1k I withdrew. Then again its cheaper than any means of Moneygram or Western Union. I just want to let everyone know to keep your cool. There are a few guys at BetUS who are dicks, I found one guy who seemed to never be helpful. I simply ignored him and called back and went over my question again. I think the longest it took between a withdrawal request and money hitting my card was around 28 hours and the first day it took only 8 hours. The account managers would also text you when processed. There sometimes was a three hour delay between when the site said transfer complete and the debit card showing the balance. That first time made me freak out major, with all these nightmare BetUS reviews in the back of my mind. I just said to myself why would they go through all of these four weeks of processing and mailing cards out to screw me at this point, give it a bit more time and lets see if the card shows a balance and it did. Patience is my biggest suggestion guys. As far as me remaining a BetUS customer, I am up in the air. The cost of withdrawal is still somewhat expensive although not the worst, I do still worry with all these other bad reviews. I will probably use them for those low cost high payout parlays and futures wagers that I cannot get with a local bookie. I guess it is the safest way to be. I just wanted to post my experience in case anyone else ends up in my scenario, then they do not need to worry for three to four weeks like I did.

Thank you for your detailed review of how the withdrawal to debit card process worked. It is very informative. Glad you got your money. It seems a very long-winded process though. Maybe try one of the sportsbooks that we do recommend.

 by PaulJ

Don't play this site - they will not pay. Its always something - one reason or another. They will not pay off.

 by Justin B

Same story as others. I made a bet and won. They refused to pay out any monies and now my account is at a zero balance. They stole $950 from me.

 by Paige

I would not have given BetUs any stars. BetUs is a scam and won't let you withdraw the money you have won. If you receive any free bets they will use that against you. It is nothing but a scam please don't waste your time. They are unprofessional and an illegitimate company.

 by john

I rate their casino zero stars. I have been a blackjack player most of my adult life and made money most of my life, but their blackjack tables are extremely rigged folks. I am not talking about playing their tables a few times. I am talking many times. When you lose and finally reach where you started ,that's as far as you will go. You will go all the way down to zero right away. I see the patterns. If you want to lose your money all the time play at BetUS.

 by Nate

I don't accept the freeplay. I've been betting with Bet US for eight years and not had a problem getting paid. It might take three weeks but always been paid.

 by Tin Bao

I called them to ask to pay out a small amount, $25 out of my account balance $201.41 to see if they are an honest company but they denied the pay out. They are really a scam. They want me deposit more money into my account. I have had an account with them since 2006. I lost money before and I have $6 balance left in there, I am just back to play month ago. Now I have won $201 but they don't let me cash out. We should have lawsuit for their scam. Hope can find any class lawsuit lawyer to get their ass and shut them down. Stay away from them.

 by Al

Hi guys, seems there are a lot of us that got screwed up by BetUs. Now they owe me about 5K which I can't get back. Now, what i am proposing is to join forces, make a group or something, organize ourselves and find out where exactly these people are and go and get our money back. Let's take action in our hands. If anyone is interested let's go for it. Waiting on responses, cheers.

 by Petro

I have to say that Betus has the worst customer service i've ever encountered top to bottom, horrible, sorry to say. Misleading information plus complete asshole reps. Good luck. You won't make it. I spoke with a man who identified himself as Charlie Jones. Listen to our call and tell me if you really want him attached to your company. A shame. I asked completely relevant questions and I wanted to rip his throat out one minute into the conversation.

 by Craig

My $250 payout turned into $180 after BetUS charged me $20 and their gift card company stole $50 from the $230 they gave me. They said it was for service charges for two years that the card was not activated. No one will make good on returning the money. Beware of these bottom feeders.

 by David Land

Will not payout.

 by Brett

Oh the poster that said 99.5% of players are mostly ignorant, yes the house cleans up. But there are the lucky ones out there that put a six-teamer together for $50 or more and they deserve to be paid. I found a great play from July to the last week of baseball that the Detroit Tigers won the 1st game of almost every series helping my account go from $385 to $1,500. Now just trying to put my time in and get paid out. Maybe I'll use it to go to Costa Rica and find out what hole BetUs are in. Message to BetUs: Pay us winners.

 by Brett

I fell for that free bet, put $200 in if it loses call them up and they give you your 200 back in free play. If anybody knows how hard it is to even win $75 back from a free play then you should do this for a living. So I get my 200 in free bet turn it over to $348 call to cash out and be done with it. No you haven't made your 10 x rollover what nobody said that! Ok 200 x 10 plus I've been playing for a while, how much do I have to play. I'm at 200 x 10 = 2,000. I can do that. No it's 4,000, what? Yes you put in $200 but we gave you free play of 200. WTF 4,000 points and all my prop bets on baseball even though it's a 10c line 15c and more really. Well it's a game to me now I've got $1,358 in the account. I wait for ball games -105 put $400 on both sides for a $20 loss I get 400 points.I sit and wait try to middle some football games 500 each side -50 but 1,000 points. I'm getting close with $1285 and bets on two night games for $22 each what I play $22-$$220. In a month I'll asked to cash out and I'll be on here going stupid crazy!

 by John

I can't say they've never paid me out, they've paid me out every time i requested it. They make the withdrawal process uber complicated. They act as if there are different levels of players based upon how much you bet for example there is gold player, silver player etc each higher classification with its own benefits. All of this stuff is a lie. I'm a gold member and when I used the "special" gold member phone number, it took me to the same dil holes as everyone else speaks to.

 by Duane

While the process to setup a payout on your account is a little bit of a pain, I have never had delayed payouts from BetUs. It takes 2-3 days, and the maximum payout is $3000 on the gift card issued to you. It is a bit frustrating because there's still a "transaction fee" that will take $60 of your payout. If you reach a certain "tier" then the payout on the next month is free as well, otherwise they charge you an additional amount. So, I waited until the next month and withdrew the remaining $2000. I guess it all kind of evens out though, because you're paying the foreign transaction fees associated with a site like Bovada. All in all BetUs is a little more annoying with the phone calls, but I've never had a problems with them otherwise.

 by Kevin

I am very surprised by the negative comments. Always have received my payouts. Today I requested $900 and it was on my card in about five hours.

 by Chad Butcher

BetUS is the most dishonest sportsbook I have ever joined. It is fine as long as you are losing, but heaven help you if you start winning. I don't know how these dodgy guys stay in business.

 by Rich
I have NEVER seen so many winners! Wow!

I have a lifetime plus several other lifetimes of experience, and wisdom in sports wagering passed on to me going back three generations. This goes all the way back to Chicago in the 1920's, and I can tell you that most of these complaints are total and utter bullshit. People lose betting on sports. Period. The money is not made off of the juice. The fact of the matter is 99.5% of sports bettors lose. So for all of these so called complaints to be real? Anyone who is truly a seasoned expert in sports wagering, knows that bettors all lose over time (short or long) and are all losers. Story after story about guys talking about turning their $100 into $2,000, or $200 into $13,000 LOL None of you have the skill LET ALONE THE DISCIPLINE to accumulate such winnings. I read comment after comment for an hour today, and I have to say that it was like free stand up comedy. I have never read more humor in my life. I love the guy who said he was upset about not getting his payout for a couple weeks, so he slammed his phone off of the dashboard of his car, and made his daughter cry. LOL. Do these losers even realize what they type? You all sound like losers. You know why you sound like losers? Because you are losers, so save your egotistical bullshit stories about your winnings and expertise hot streaks! You are losers and you have no discipline. Offshore sportsbooks always take much longer to payout, and your money goes to them right away yes, and it takes longer and is difficult to get back yes. That is the way it is and has always been. If any of you knew anything about sports wagering you would understand that this is only one of several reasons that 99.5% of you lose all the time and cannot retain a profit or know when to quit. Being the house has been a winning proposition since betting was invented. You only need to pick 57% or more winners to never work a job again the rest of your life if you understood a thing about wagering. The fact is even if I hypothetically guaranteed you could pick 57-58% most of you are STILL too stupid to win. This is because none of you complainers understand a thing about wagering on anything. Oh, one more thing. The guys who say they threaten to report the sportsbooks to the attorney general, of the D.A. in an area? Too funny. I swear pure comedy all of these complaints. One of the funniest things I have read in my life.

Thank you for your comment. However I can bet that you have either never had an account with BetUS or you work for them. My money is firmly on the latter. They are undoubtedly the most dishonest of all the offshore sportsbooks. Yes, it takes longer to get a payout with offshore sportsbooks, but BetUS is in a different category entirely. I advise you bet with them and discover what a scam and a con they are - oh, hang on, you are staff so you already know about that. The other very strange thing about your post is all the references to non-existent comments on this page. Where is the bit about the daughter crying? People are not complaining about losing, they are complaining about being cheated. So what on earth are you talking about? I reckon you work for BetUS and have been reading some of the bad press across numerous different websites today and have mixed some of the anecdotes up. There are certainly enough of them out there, so maybe it is understandable. Certainly if you are involved with BetUS then your post is a disgrace and it appears to contain some of the deluded arrogance that firm and its diabolical, rude customer service is infamous for. Instead of apologizing for being crooks, you seek to justify the criminality. If it is all about offshore sportsbooks, then why is it ONLY BetUS that garners such bad comments? You never get these sorts of complaints about the sportsbooks we recommend. It is the difference between honesty and a scam.

 by Sal V
Never Again

I have been dealing with them for years but never again. Whenever there is an issue and you speak to one of their so-called supervisors, when pressed all they do is argue with you and try to make you feel like you are wrong. It has happened at least five times. The latest being with Luke, another one of their arrogant SOB supervisors. I have played thousands of dollars with this house over the years. Never again. Stay away. The only reason I give it one star is because zero is not an option.

 by AD
No Payout, Instead management said they are deleting my account

Several years ago I bet through their site. I was denied eligibility to the higher status level even though I had bet the required amount in their calendar year. Talked to a manager and he said even though I did make the appropriate amount of bets in the required time, there was nothing he could do because its all done by the system and he cant override it. I immediately withdrew my funds because I did not want to deal with this site. That took 35 days to get and came on a debit card that did not not work at numerous locations. Finally had to pay large fees at the ATM to get cash from the card. Flash forward to 2014 and BetUS offered me a free $25 bet. As of yesterday, I turned that $25 into $1K. I requested a $500 payout and was told everything was good, just awaiting manager approval. However, later that day I got the call from manager saying I will not be paid anything because it was all from a free bet and I had not made a deposit in 4 years. He then tried to lecture me on business and how they would not stay in business if they just paid out people for free plays. He then notified me that if I did not make a deposit within 72 hours he would be forced to remove my account because they could not have me gambling with my $1K and, I quote, screwing up their system lines with any bets. Needless to say, they will not be getting a dime from me.

 by TS
Still No Payment

I requested a payout of $620 on April 7th. It is May 27 and still no payment. This company is a complete disaster and I would avoid, unless you dont mind not being paid your winnings.

 by mac
Scam is still on

I won a little bet for 500.00 first time I have ever won on their site. It has been 16 days of excuses and BS trying to get my money. Today they finally agreed to pay me, not done yet, but they are charging me 60 bucks in fees to get my money. Horrible experience. FU Betus.

 by Hal Pierce

Cant get your money out. Crooks.

 by Quinnard Jones
Betus are thieves are crooks and should be shut down.

Do you have an update to your previous post?

 by Quinnard jones
Scam artist

I have been betting with Betus for 8yrs. Today I made a $50 deposit and they just straight up took my money. I have the receipt for my deposit and they act like it never existed. They gave me a $25 free play and told me call them next week. Never again.

 by Big Suckah
$13K in limbo

I should have read these reviews first. I joined BetUS in 2002 with an initial $300 deposit. All went well for years - I was hanging in there. Then came the free bets. DO NOT ACCEPT A FREE BET. They come with a 10 x rollover requirement. My $12,996 in football winnings is actually held ransom by six alleged free bets. I get my money only after clearing their rollover - which will be 10 x $12,996. I have got to spend another $129K just to get my $12,996. I joined Intertops and refused any free bet, including their introductory $200 freebie. It comes with a 4 x rollover. Nobody gives you anything for free.

 by Mike5
Bet Us Free Bet Rip-Off?

Bet us gave me a free $100.00 bet. It is now up to $1844.00. I called to ask about taking money out and I was told I have to bet another $1944.00 first before I can take any money. But, no matter how much I win, the most I can take out is $500.00. Of course if I deposit my own money then it is unlimited. So I will see if they actually will send me the $500.00 first of all. Just hard to believe they lure you in with a free bet but if you should win, they dont care how much you win, they will only give you 500 max. Are all those sites the same BS?

No they are not all the same BS. There is a reason why we do NOT recommend BetUS, but we do recommend other sportsbooks. Whatever firm you join, though, you must always read the bonus smallprint anyway for handle requirements etc.

 by Patricia

Called customer service to tell them that someone has opened an account in my name. The reason I knew was because I was getting calls from them. When I asked the guy (the very rude guy ) to look up my account he hung up on me. I called back and got a human being. The second guy was much more helpful.

 by Nate
Never a problem

I have been with Betus for 15 years now, when they started in 2000 and never had an issue with them. Just they do make you turn in a lot of paperwork to withdraw money but once your done with it and it is accepted your withdraws are really easy. They send you a gift card where you can get your money at any ATM.

This is certainly not a typical experience!

 by Greg h
Needs Shutting Down

I am in the air force. Won 20g on betus and never got a dime of it. They sent card that was of no value. I won money off a bonus they gave me. It was a stroke of luck alright - bad luck. Scam company that needs their operations shut down.

 by Tyler
Never Had A Problem

I am slightly net positive on this book. While the lines are a bit juiced towards the book, the bonus structure is better than most books. For the casual bettor the rollover is massive, so dont take bonus. For the long term bettor I have enjoyed this site for 3 years and never had an issue with a deposit or payout. I have noticed a few glitches to this site, similar to bovada. I have notified the site management and it has been adjusted.

We dont wish to be rude, but this suggests to us that maybe you are a long-term loser with Betus. Either that or you have been very lucky to dodge the bullets. You can see from the other comments just how many problems other people have had. They only notice the issues when they win or want to withdraw. Also, the tidal wave of negativity to this book everywhere else online also tells a story. Glad it has worked out for you so far.

 by John Schmitz
Payout Scam scammed me out of my 1st ever payout. They continually ask for more and more paperwork to prove my card and accounts are mine, yet they dont mind taking my deposits. They even want proof that my business I own is my business. WTF! These guys are a complete scam. Beware.

 by Frank Stallone
Don't Get Reeled In

BetUS, what is there to say? Quite a lot actually. I keep coming back to this site like an abused spouse. Why? Because they always offer something to lure you back in. An apology here, an extra bonus there. One thing that I realized about BetUS is that they really hate when you win, especially if you win off of a bonus they give you. I have to admit they give generous bonuses, but in the mid term what good is a bonus when their Juice lines are 10-15% higher than average books? Any money made from bonuses is quickly eaten by that inflated juice. And as sports bettors know, getting 10-15% on your return is above standard, basically all of your profit. So where is the real benefit? Actually there really isnt one, since you lose out in the long run. Now do not get me started on the rollovers you have to meet. The rules are quite Byzantine. To my surprise and detriment, they actually rollover a rollover if you did not meet it with a previous deposit. Say, you took a bonus on a previous deposit and lost it all, but you are still stuck with whatever rollover you have left to get a payout. So if you make another deposit, you are stuck with that previous rollover, even though you had lost all your money, it does not cancel out. This is something they do not mention in their fast talking double customer service. They have rules on the lines and sports you can only use to met the rollover. And they are usually 10 x your initial deposit. It is basically a trap with the high rollover and other rules. If you want to ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have to make bets that you normally would not make just to climb over that mountainous rollover. Also, you have to watch your betting lines, because there are times where your win bet does not match the betting lines. Such as $20 on a -200 line should give you $10 to win, but at times it is lower than that, say $8.33. I called them out on this and they said it was just a computer glitch. Some glitch huh? And finally, avoid their online casino like the plague. I cant confirm that is rigged, but there are times when you lose 10 straight blackjack hands in a row using basic strategy. The say they use a random generator, but the logic just does not pan out. Granted, an online casino at any sportsbook is a way for the book to recoup loses and make a little money on the side. That is why the should be avoided. But with BetUS, it is skewed much to their benefit. Their payouts have gotten worse as well because they charge a fairly large fee, and it is sent to some credit they issue. This is poor because other good sites often have free payouts, and use moneygram which is faster and more convenient. In conclusion avoid BetUS sportsbook.

 by Jim
Total Scam!

Should have listened to my brother after he was scammed and got out. You name it they found ways to screw me. They make it easy to put money in but very hard to take out. My last an final screwing was in the casino playing dueces wild for half an hour. I bet 12.50 a hand then after hitting a dueces wild royal flush they paid me 16$. Then the scene changed then it came back still at a 12.50 bet then changed to a 10 cent bet. So they said I bet 10 cent I tried to explain to them i had never made a 10 cent bet in my life. The robot i spoke to told me to prove it. I told her where she could go and that i am done with them. Stay away it is not fun even when you win that you lose.

 by Scott
No issues

I have been with them several years and have only experienced getting a delayed payment sometimes. Most of the time it is just a couple of days

 by John Thomas
I haven't had any issues with payouts

I've pulled out multiple times and just barely a net winner with them. I've never had an issue with payouts. Once it took a day later then they said but that was it.

 by Darcy
BetUS, Why?

I cant understand why this firm is still in operation. Like a lot of the comments here I have had a run-in with them. All this history and yet they still go on.

 by Ryan D
Worst Ever

This is the worst betting service I have ever encountered. When I wanted to get my winnings out, they said they needed a valid email, copy of a valid license, cell phone, current address and that I had to bet three times the amount I put in eventually. So after 3 months of betting successfully, almost on a daily basis, I again called to be able to withdraw my winnings and they gave me the runaround numerous times, never sending me the email so I could verify who I was and claim my winnings. It is a sham operation at best.

 by GBI
Strange happenings at BetUS

I called them before opening the account and they stated they are in the US and licensed to accepts bets. I deposited $500 with them but when I checked my bank transaction, the money were sent to Shanghai bank and converted in other currency. I called BetUS and talked with Lora Dumas who said she is a manager, to ask why convert the currency if they are in the US, and they then claimed they have offices in the US but are located in Costa Rica! I asked to close the account and a full refund. They said for me to get a refund I must MoneyGram $100 cash to one Ana Dalia Illescas Escobar in Nicaragua who in turn will send it to them because, and to quote them: this is the way it works.

 by joseph cunningham
Dont Honor

Yes I cant even get to the payout section online but everything else seems to work, this gambling site is a scam. Was up over $2000 but they dont honor.

 by Tom
Scam Artists

How many people got screwed by their bet on taking the field against Kentucky in the NCAA tourney? When you call BetUS are the biggest assholes, rude and saying I dont understand my bet. Evidently they cant honor the bet if they lose to a high seeded major team. They didnt even make it to the championship. BetUS are scam artists and will come up with any reason not to pay you if you win. Do NOT put money with them. They hide in Costa Rica and karma is a SOB. After reading reviews I feel like I am the idiot because i didnt research them. Anyone associated with them is a terrible human being. Customer service sucks on the phone and when they realize you are better than them, they just hang up.

 by Tom
Con Artists

BetUs is a bunch con artists. I took the rest of the field to win over Kentucky in the NCAA March Madness basketball and when they did not pay out I called and had to deal with some fast talking POS who told me I did not know what I was talking about. He claims the bet I made was for a team to win that was not in the tournament. How the hell would a team win that is not in the tournament win?! I bet the field against Kentucky, and won. They see it differently. DO NOT EVER USE BetUs Sportsbook! They are nothing more than common criminals who hide down in Costa Rica and do not pay you when you win. Their customer service sucks too. This is why it is always better to bet with a real bookie. Everyone at BetUs can go F$#K themselves!

 by Jon
Ripped Off

I've been a customer for well over 10 years but never asked for a payout before. I would wager about $500 to a little over $1000 every year but never built up an amount large enough in my mind to ask for one. This year I won a sizeable amount on a futures bet for the Buckeyes to win the NCAA championship. I called to request a payout. I was told to verify my credit cards which I did and then was told I would be sent a debit card in a few weeks which I could use to receive my payout. I was a little disturbed by that but accepted it as their payout method. Then the agent asked if I ever used any of their 'free' bonus's they offer when you make a deposit to which I replied 'Yes, of course!'. I was put on hold for a few minutes and when he came back I was informed that I must wager $3000 more before I could collect a payout! I blew up, told him they were scumbag crooks and "F*** you!

So sorry to hear that. BetUS are a disgrace to the industry. Unfortunately nothing is done by any regulatory authority to stop Ponzi Schemes like Betus and Lock Poker. We can only warn people to avoid these dishonest firms.

 by Mike
Payout Denied

Been a customer since 2008. Deposited couple thousands to my account which I lost it all. Was given a free play of 50 dollars and built that up to $400. I never requested a payout before so just wanted to see how the process is since I have read some bad reviews about betus. Well, I was denied the payout and was told I needed to deposit more money into my account. Would definitely not do business with betus, easy to deposit but if you win, you never know whether or not you will get paid. Definitely bad business.

 by Layne405
Total Scam

I have been staying away from BetUS since the big government lockdown that saw a lot of peoples funds locked and lost forever. However, I have recently been receiving packets and letters in plain white envelopes (which is somewhat shady in and of itself) claiming $50.00 free wagers among other offers. So I decided to give BetUS a chance. Placed my $50.00 wager on the ONLY OPTION they give you, which was a prop bet on longest FG (+/- 44yds) in the Steelers vs. Panthers game. I took the over and hit. Account showed $50.00 after the win. I then parlayed the $50.00 winnings on another game, Monday Night Football. BetUS had +500 for Martellus Bennett scoring and Bears winning. So I took that bet. Won fair and square! There is no longer an option for bank transfer on payouts. It advises you to call a 1-888 number and speak with an account representative. So I did, and was given the run around instructions and options on how to receive a payout. At the end of the phone call, right before Im about to say thanks and hang up, the rep says: Hold on sir, were your winnings won off of a promotional bet? I said: Yes, I received a $50 bonus but have re-wagered the original $50. The rep then tells me I must bet $500.00! of my own money to be eligible for a PAYOUT?! It does not say ANYTHING about betting 10x the bonus in order to be eligible for money that YOU WON! SMH ridiculous! The manager that was trying to explain this to me, was rude and patronized me several times. Needless to say I lost my cool with this guy quickly. Do not use BetUS, not ever, not even if they give you free money, not if the world comes to an end an you need to make a wager to save the universe. It is not worth jumping through flaming hula hoops to get a Debit card 6 months from the time you win your wager. They take your money INSTANTLY, but you will be LUCKY if they send you a debit/credit card months later after winning wagers. Real books pay up when they lose. Total JOKE and a total SCAM! Trust me, do not waste your time and money! I can only imagine how mad I would be if I lost MY money instead of BONUS money that they solicit to you. My .02

 by Joe
3-Week Delay

I had no problem cashing out from betus but it did take about 3 weeks 🙂

 by jerry
BetUS Lies

Asked for a 1200 payout all i get is promises and lies talked to three different people there they tell me i will be paid just don't know when stay away from here something is fishy

 by Unhappy From NY
BetUS Dodgy

I won at this sportsbook and they found a dodgy reason to cancel my bet, but only after the selection had been successful.