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Last updated February 5th, 2023

Ignition PokerIgnition Poker started as the destination for the Bovada Poker player base. The story goes that Ignition Casino “bought” the player accounts entirely in 2017. A year later Bovada Poker opened back up again anyway. The two online sites have a lot in common – they are on the same PaiWangLuo network, sharing the same software. Now before you start worrying that this may now be a slightly less safe destination, given that Ignition Casino only set up in 2016, read more of this review because USA Betting can reassure any doubters.

What does move from Bovada Poker to Ignition mean for players?

For players who had been at Bovada, the Ignition Poker room is just the same in every respect as it was when it was Bovada Poker, except it has a new name and is no longer attached to the Bovada website.

As our next section explains, it is hard to conclude anything other than that the same people are running Ignition Casino & Poker as manage Bovada. There are too many similarities for this to have been a true arms-length sale. That should be a reassurance to all existing Bovada and future Ignition Poker players, because the Bovada management is the best in the USA-facing business.

They are honest, fair and (here comes what is fast turning into a cliché) they never miss a payout. So players should feel safe that they have the same security as they always did at Bovada.

Is Ignition Poker just Bovada Poker rebranded?

There are too many similarities in the set up, including the same jurisdiction where the poker site is licensed (Kahnawake), the same software, the same players and also the same marketing company.

In addition, just like at Bovada, only USA residents can join and the following restricted US states are an identical list too: New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Maryland.

When we at USAbetting want to know anything about Ignition Poker then we still contact the same marketing people their end that we always did. While the license is held in the name of a new company called Lynton Limited, rather than that of the Morris Mohawk Corporation who own Bovada, everything else remains the same.

So the ‘sale’ of Bovada Poker to Ignition actually looks little more than a housekeeping exercise. We are not sure of the reasons for the rebrand just yet, but we would be amazed if it was anything more than exactly that.

Again, that is really good for all American poker players, because we all know Bovada’s management is safe as houses. So we are happy to recommend Ignition Poker to Americans.

Nothing else at Bovada moved to Ignition though. It was only the poker, while Bovada continued to have its famous sportsbook, casino and racebook. It was academic, after a year Bovada Poker was switched back on again.

Ignition Poker Bonuses – $2000 in Casino & Poker

  • The bonus for new players in Ignition Casinos’ poker room is $1000. You get this automatically without the need to enter a promo code. It is a 100% bonus up to $1000 and the deposits that count towards it are those made within your first 24 hours of joining. After that, the more you play the more of this bonus is released to you, in increments up to the maximum amount over the first 30 days.
  • There is also a bonus in the Ignition Casino section, which is a 100% deposit up to $1000. This bonus needs to be opted into on your first deposit and has 25 x rollover requirements.

The Ignition Poker Software

As stated, this is the same as the Bovada Poker client because they are on the same network, the biggest by far for American players. The features worth noting are:

  • Anonymous tables, which is something this software pioneered. The theory is that every time you start at a table, nobody knows who you are. So any loose play you enjoyed on a previous occasion can’t be used against you this time around. They don’t know it’s that maniac loose player they played against before!

Some people love this innovation, while the sharks and professionals do not as it tends to blunt the tools at their disposal to part lesser players from their bankroll. When it was first introduced at Bovada, you can be sure they would have dumped it if it had not been popular with its client base. The fact it has lasted the test of time suggests it is a real positive. We recommend you try it out for yourself and see what you think. Then you can leave your opinion at the bottom of this review. Anonymous tables certainly favors newer players who are just getting to grips with their poker strategy.

  • Zone poker is also an option. This is something that speeds up the poker play. As soon as you finish your hand, there is no waiting around for another hand to start. You are immediately moved to the start of a new game of poker. Again, this is an option that everyone should experience at least once. It suits people sick of waiting around for a new hand to start. So for all you impatient players, like us at USAbetting.com, this is a fantastic concept.

Plus there are mobile play options as well as big-money guaranteed tournaments, like the weekly $100k. There are a lot of ways to win big, with a fair wind and some skillful play.

Ignition Cashier: Poker Payouts

Ignition Casino & its poker section has access to the same cashier infrastructure as Bovada, which was the best in the US poker world. So players can have the reassurance of the same integrity, speed and efficiency that was experienced at Bovada. Basically nothing has changed but the location and the name.

Our Review’s Opinion of Ignition Poker

Do not be worried that Ignition only opened its doors in 2016. It is basically a branch of the Bovada business. As a result you are pretty much in the same hands as you would be at Bovada. Because of that this USAbetting.com review can recommend Ignition Poker as a safe and honest location for Americans to enjoy their poker, and we know the software is really great.

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Ignition Poker
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 2 reviews
 by Dan

Just as rigged as bad beat Bovada was, all they do is slowly but surely take all your money. Better off going and playing a scratch ticket at least you know the odds are the same thing. Joke of a site!

But you are not playing against Ignition Poker. You are playing against other players. The site takes its rake only. Most poker players do lose, the winning players are the minority.

 by Spencer John

I migrated my account to Ignition Poker from within my Bovada Poker account before the September 1st 2016 deadline, the final date Bovada stopped operating their poker room. Anyway Ignition is just like it was at Bovada. Given it was my preferred place on the net to play that came as a huge relief I can tell you. It is still the 5-star venue it was before the change of brand.