Privacy Policy & Cookies Policy

This website, USA Betting, has the following privacy policy and cookies policy: we do not track your activity on this site. We do not use cookies except for those dropped by Google’s website analytics and then your activity on this website remains completely anonymous. We do not keep any information about you except those details you provide voluntarily if you choose to contact us. If you do give us any information about yourself on our contact form, such as name and email address, then we will never pass this on to a third party. It would be strictly confidential.

When you click through to a betting operator from this website then that operator might use cookies to track the fact that you were referred from our website to their site. There is nothing to worry about in that situation. Obviously the only information they ever gather about you as an individual is if or when you register with them and so you would, in that case, choose to volunteer personal information on their registration form.

Cookies are small text files that actually help the internet work a bit better for everyone, at least that is our opinion. The proof would be if you chose to turn off cookies in your browser. In that case all sorts of preferences you decided upon at various websites would be forgotten. If you went to a website to shop then without cookies the items you placed in a shopping cart might not be remembered. We do not have a shopping cart, but that is merely one example of how helpful cookies can be. There is generally nothing to be concerned about with cookies.

Legal Policy

The sites that are advertised on do not accept any clients under the age of 18. They are legally licensed in recognised and respected jurisdictions. They have a history of honest and reputable trading.

Responsible Gambling & Social Policy

We do not condone excessive gambling. Please keep your betting recreational and purely for entertainment. If you feel you have a problem you should contact some of the free help available online for problem gamblers, such as at Gamblers Anonymous or the National Council on Problem Gambling.